The last thing we need are snot nose college kids thinking Marx and Lenin are new revelations


11 Comments on The last thing we need are snot nose college kids thinking Marx and Lenin are new revelations

  1. Believe me, I’ve had my fill of snott nosed college socialists and I’ve only run into one of them. Thank God for the US Military cranking out patriots faster than our college system can. With a lot less debt.

  2. What has me baffled/pissed are the so called intellectuals out there. Like others, I have brothers, and they have kids, and they could all show you reams of paper that proves how damn smart they are. And they all will vote for Hillary, but if it is Bernie, they would vote for him as well. How do these people get that way? It’s unbelievable to me!

  3. TheObama is going on an all expenses, tax payer funded, tour of dictators, during his alleged final year. Cuba, then Vietnam in May. What he has against Asian commies is baffling. He loves the Asian muzzies. Widodo can attest.

  4. Our society teaches and promotes a pretend life of fantasy utopianism. So of course they’ll vote for Bernie or Hildabeast. Duh.

    Nothing of conservative substance will ever come to pass until things get so bad that our society begins to re-teach the youth how to survive just being alive.

    Unfortunately, I’ll probably live long enough to witness the transition – although I probably won’t actually survive to see the other side of it.

  5. We are all witnessing the results of liberals that are in control of the public school system.

    FU@K liberals.

  6. As a computer programmer, I love attacking problems by first breaking them down into the basic simplicity and truths. The founders did that as well: “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

    The next steps, however, also need to be built upon those truths and additional truth. When it is not, you have a bug.

  7. Skarew young ignorant college pukes,
    If this all crashes I am starting a press gang.
    I will hunt the land looking for college pukes to be chained to my treadmill to provide me with electricity so I can read them the constitution, and make fun of their tattoos and piercings.


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