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The Last Thing You See

Before Being Hunted for Sport on a Private Island.

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  1. What bothered her the most was the way Trump walked right past her and ignored her like she was invisible at that UN Conference. (think it was UN)

    The Little Shit looked completely flustered that NO ONE paid attention to her Jet Setting/Yachting taking ass.

    Don’t give them a forum & audit their books. It totally took out Turdeau’s “WE” charity and its starting to chip away at BLM.

  2. I honestly feel kinda’ sorry for that poor little boy. I’ve heard his parents started feeding him hormones when he was a year old.

  3. She looks like a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome.
    She’s being used mercilessly by her parents and enablers.
    When she’s asked a question that’s off script she gets flustered.

    When I saw the title of this post I thought it may be about one of the WEF baddies suggesting something along the lines of dropping people in the jungle or something.

  4. A perfect combination of ignorance and arrogance to profit off the morons of the Earth.
    Its life is well-orchestrated by greedy maggots who don’t care about its mental health and will probably lead it into drug and/or alcohol abuse.

    When it reaches puberty it may become angry and depressed.

    We should say a prayer for it.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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