The latest academic madness unveiled: Gender Reparations

AmericanThinker: Coming soon to a prestigious university campus: an academic conference on gender reparations. This is leaving me deeply confused. I have been lectured for several years now that gender is a “construct” and that each of us can determine on a minute-by-minute what our gender is. Some of us purportedly are, as the brilliant intellects of the left phrase it, “gender-fluid.”

So who would pay what to whom?

Unfortunately, reading the announcement of the conference and its program leave me confused. But then again, I am a “layman” (layperson? Laygenderfluid?) not qualified to understand the jargon (despite my Harvard PhD in sociology)

The conference introduction is mystifying:  more

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  1. Leftist assholes and left-leaning people across America:

    Stop. Just stop. You’re insane. Your thought processes are bad and you should feel bad.

  2. These lefty abominations can ramble on all they want about equality and diversity and how they are right. Well God doesn’t see it that way and you’ll be judged accordingly.

  3. “… Imagining Reparations, takes a cue from movements that conceive of violence and reparative justice …”

    The socialist/totalitarians are starting to state their objectives more openly. With the failure of Mrs. Clinton to deceive sufficient numbers of citizens (and non-citizens) to elect her, they have become so enraged and terrified that America may have awakened, that they feel compelled to threaten outright rebellion to achieve their aims.
    Good for them. I hope that they are sufficiently rattled that they secede – or, at least, declare martial law in their strongholds and suppress the Constitutional guarantees of the few Americans among them – this would make their aims and intentions obvious and apparent to even the dullest mook among us.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. So when all the reparations get going (blacks, indians, japanese, and now women), only white males will have to pay. Got it.

  5. The law of unintended consequences is at work here. Each successive grievance group diminishes the previous grievance groups.

  6. When wymyn stop making false rape accusations and ruining innocent men’s lives, then and only then can they ask me about “gender reparations.”

    And in the unlikely event that comes to pass and they DO ask me, my response will be “HAHAHAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAHAHA! You can’t be serious! Go whack yourselves with your strap-ons.”

  7. @BFH – as for using the suffix “-person” instead of “-man” I just had an idea. Henceforth, instead of, say, laymen I’m going to use laymeh as an indicator of how seriously I take all that crap.

  8. @Tim January 11, 2017 at 9:58 am

    > this would make their aims and intentions obvious and apparent to even the dullest mook among us

    Why do you belittle loyal Americans? *I*, for one, *love* our American dullards. And I have the *utmost* confidence in their ability to ignore their own lying eyes — as long as it’s for the children. I mean, the environment. Refugees? I’ll get back to you — I’m on a stupid slow FIOS line, and the list is still buffering.

  9. I used to want these people put into insane asylums. But it’s now obvious to me that there is no hope for them.

    Now I just want them to be gassed.


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