The latest episode of ‘Everybody Hates Kamala’

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American Thinker:

Between gasoline prices and V.P. Kamala Harris’s polling problems, don’t be surprised if the press secretary announces next week that the DoJ is going to investigate the 2020 election results to see if President Trump should be returned to the Oval Office.  Yes, it’s been that kind of a year for President Biden.  I get the impression that he can’t wait to go back to Delaware for real.

The latest from the “Everybody Hates Kamala” show is that the V.P.’s staff is jumping ship.  It started a couple of weeks ago, and now the Washington Post has developed the story further: MORE

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  1. Maybe the people who pegged Camela as the future of the Democratic Party are people who thought voters would accept whomever was crammed down their throats whether they liked it or not. They just did not expect her to be as much of a downer for the people in the inner circle as she was to the voting public.

  2. Well, if the demon-rats are jumping ship, it’s a good start, but they should’ve had Heels Up walk the plank first.

  3. There are people who want to be something and people who want to do something. She has always wanted to be something, but never wanted to do the work.

  4. Shrew (noun)
    Definition of shrew

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    Both definitions seem to fit.

  5. lol remember when this was a thing?

    “Forty percent of the staff members who were working a year ago in U.S. President Donald Trump’s White House have since left for other jobs, a new report shows, providing a snapshot of the chaos among Trump’s closest subordinates.”

    Suck it, media. But it’s the VP’s staff, not Joe’s, who are bailing, you say? The only reason Biden’s incompetent hangers-on are still around is that he’s too stupid, weak and demented to run his own show. Joe’s staff churn is coming.

  6. The only reason Biden picked Kamala is he was ordered to bring America to its knees and he thought she would be perfect for the job, but he misunderstood the assignment.

  7. “…the DoJ is going to investigate the 2020 election results to see if President Trump should be returned to the Oval Office.”

    What a laugh. Whoever’s in charge of the DOJ couldn’t investigate his own belly button.

  8. She is a nasty piece of work.

    The likability/unlikability on the See You Next Tuesday was never approached 1/1. It had trouble maintaining above .5 and that is a function of her basic constitution. Her basic character makes her what she is recognized by most people as. She’s just not someone that people are attracted to. Her character flaws are transparent and the hell of it is, the Democrats and she both think they can bamboozle the population into accepting the image they have been investing in as legitimate. It simply cannot be done with an individual who is obviously as counterfeit as they come. Add to that she oozes conniving bitch from every pore and outside of the hard left she has nothing to offer. We saw that in the Democrat Primary and for them to not recognize this is something that is hard to comprehend. The fact that they were hitching their wagon to a dead horse and didn’t seem to give it a second thought is another reason that I firmly believe the 2020 Presidential election was stolen.

  9. Sure. Right. The Biden DOJ will make an attempt to remove Joey and put The Donald back in? I am going to online betting to put my money on “No chance in H – E – double hockey sticks”


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