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Latest from Hawaii – What the President is doing

Subject: Travel Pool Report No. 3

Travel Pool Report No. 3

Jan. 1, 2014

Kailua, Hawaii

President Obama has been golfing this afternoon at Mid Pacific Country Club in the Lanikai area of Kailua. “Mid-Pac,” as it’s known locally, sits on a lush hilltop and features stunning vista views of the Ko’olau Mountains and the Mokulua Islands in the Pacific.

Obama previously golfed here on Dec. 23, when the pool was offered access for a brief photo spray. Mid-Pac is a private course, but portions of it are visible from a public street, which is partly why the White House provides press access at this course.

The press pool, after holding in the club house without view of the golf course, was taken to the public street overlooking the golf course about 4 p.m. local. There were about two dozen onlookers, including a local TV news camera crew and a news still photographer, already in position on the street waiting to catch a glimpse of the golfing president. Also among the onlookers were several young men with no shirts on and some other people holding their dogs on leashes. Many of them held up their smartphones to take pictures. From the public street, which is elevated above the golf course, one has sweeping views of a few fairways and stunning mountain range behind it.



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  1. I prefer he be on vacation.

    Related words that apply come to mind:

    Vacuous = without contents; empty. Purposeless; idle as in “a vacuous way of life”.

    Vacate = to leave; go away.

    We’d be much better off had the White House been vacated for 8 yrs.

  2. Might as well have our pResident give all the prols in the USofA a one-finger salute!

    Nice weather where this cooter is staying while the northeast is soaked in global warming….

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