The League of Extraordinary Candidates

Economic Nationalist Leaders Plan for Anti-Establishment Midterm Tsunami to Force Change.

Conservatives and economic nationalist leaders are looking past the current dysfunction in Washington to a group of new and exciting young candidates throwing their hats in the ring nationwide to break the gridlock with midterm election victories.

This group of individuals, which some are calling “The League of Extraordinary Candidates,” is emerging nationally—a distinct slate of U.S. Senate and House candidates, as well as key gubernatorial contenders, all united in their focus on breaking the logjam in Congress. Movement leaders view establishment Republicans and Democrats alike as a force blocking, slow-walking, or stonewalling the agenda that President Donald J. Trump campaigned on, and aim to elect new voices by riding a new economic nationalist electoral wave in 2018 meant to mirror and surpass what happened in previous wave elections like 2010—which saw the rise of the Tea Party.

“We’re planning on building a broad anti-establishment coalition to replace the Republican Party of old with fresh new blood and fresh new ideas,” Andy Surabian, a senior adviser to the Great America Alliance and ex-White House aide, told Breitbart News.

Surabian worked alongside Stephen K. Bannon, the now former White House chief strategist, during their White House tenure and is now working with the Great America Alliance—a pro-Trump Super PAC run by ex-Ronald Reagan aide Ed Rollins that doubles as a fundraising powerhouse, having raised $30 million last year to help the president.

“The only thing the Republican establishment has succeeded in is clarifying to the American people that they don’t represent their interests,” Surabian added. “Their repeated failures to govern have only crystallized their lack of vision or backbone. The group of candidates we are looking to support in 2018 are all bound together in their agreement that the new Republican Party must be bold in their thinking and aggressive in their tactics.”  MORE @ Breitbart.

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  1. it’s about time someone jumped out there and assembled a different slate of candidates that will actually do what they were elected to do instead of the spineless turds we have in office today.

  2. This is such good news, I’m in tears.

    Remember when we wished for someone to lead the charge for a new party? I think this might be the continuation of what caused us to vote for Trump – a real desire to take our country back. I’ll pray for their continued focus on shaking out the cockroaches from our political party. We don’t need a new party; just get rid of the shit that’s been infecting ours.

  3. Agreed, Claudia. I’m hoping this is “The Big Reveal” folks have been murmuring about (and others hoping for). 13 months to election day!

  4. If they get in, the establishment republicans will attack them to make sure they can’t accomplish a thing. They reserve their opposition for conservative republicans and never seem to go after the democrats.

  5. This has been in the works since last year. And it’s not just the federal elections, but up and down the line. Though it didn’t originate with Gingrich, he was one of the first to recognize that in order for Trumpism to succeed it had to take hold and not end with the mere phenomenon of getting Trump elected. There are grass roots Trumpsters, if you will, all over the country, still very hard at work. Like Trump, they haven’t taken a break since 11/8/16. A friend of mine just got the chairmanship of a county Republican district that was formerly occupied by a “Unity Party” (that was the push to get Kasich nominated) person. We all know that Trump’s election was just the coin toss and there would be a hard slog ahead ousting the Republican contingent of the Uniparty. Not so sure the stories on this is a good thing, but maybe it will cause people to get involved or at least donate.

    “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” ~ A. Lincoln

  6. I hope they use the massive intellect of Sebastian Gorka. I don’t think there are many who can out think Dr. Gorka!

  7. watch their bank accounts once they get in.

    if they become millionaires like the current bunch then expect the same policies as the current bunch.

    electing non professional politicians is a good start if we don’t leave them there too long.

    personally I don’t want more laws passed, I want more laws repealed and spending and taxes lowered.

  8. CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION OF IMMEDIATE TERM LIMITS for candidates who have served more that 2 terms as Senator (12 years) and 5 years as Congressman (10 years).

    This way, they cannot have time to amend the Constitution nullifying term limits.

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