The Left Desperately Trying To Prove Racism Digs Bigger Hole of Idiocy

The idiot shown above is Dana Cortez. She is the current poster child for all leftwing morons on social media.

Late to the party, she is still trying to say the Covington kids are racists by sharing a photo of them flashing the “white power” sign.

It’s been pointed out several thousand times that this is what basketball players flash when their team sinks a three-pointer.

Also, this—>

Furthermore, the kids in the stands are not in “blackface” taunting a black kid. They are participating in another sports tradition, the blackout. This is when the entire stadium dresses in black in order to intimidate the visiting team. Some people paint their entire bodies rather than simply wear black clothes.

Sports Illustrated published this ^picture without calling it racist.


But let’s go back to Dana Cortez for a moment.

What does she mean by “there will me more of me than you & no wall will stop it”?

Does that not sound a tad like someone being gleeful that white Americans will be supplanted by something else?

That’s not bigoted?

20 Comments on The Left Desperately Trying To Prove Racism Digs Bigger Hole of Idiocy

  1. That list of names reads like a quiz where you match Column A to what the are in Column B.

    Match the Column A name to what they are in B:

    1. Fat Hag
    2. Fag Hag
    3. Cannibal
    4. Pedophile voice actor
    5. Washed up fake conservative
    6. Washed up fake conservative magazine
    7 etc.

  2. Are they stupid? Yes.
    Are they morons? Yes.
    They still want you replaced. Or dead.
    Read the hate. Read the vitriol. They mean it. Not one will cry over your death.
    What they dismiss is that you have a say in this.
    What have you done to give yourself a voice?
    I feel/believe that the wheel is turning faster.
    Trump’s election gave us time and forced them to reveal what they truly are.
    Use this time wisely.
    Everything you are and have rides on the outcome.
    Losing won’t be “nice.”

  3. What did the Cortez say when she saw a box of Cheerios? OMG! Donut seeds!
    What can strike a Cortez without her knowing it? A thought.
    Why can’t a Cortez call 911? Because she can’t find the 11.

    I guess Blond jokes really have died after all.

  4. @WiscoDave January 22, 2019 at 10:38 am

    > What have you done to give yourself a voice?

    Voice? I pray proclaim “Be excellent to other.”

  5. It’s as simple as recognizing that they support antifa, an ‘organization’ which:
    Calls themselves antifascists, yet act in a fascist way.
    Took as their symbol the German ‘antifasciste’ flag, the symbol of the group carrying out Hitler’s violent orders.

    So are they stupid, or violence-supporting ideologues?

  6. The left segregates colors more than an artist that keeps paints in individual containers. This one story involves (as reported by the left mainstream) white kids, orange president, red hats, brown indians, black jews. The whole entire story could have been conveyed without the mention of color. The crazy left is obsessed with putting colors in boxes. Yet they leave their crayons spread all over the ground after using them.

  7. “there will me more of me than you & no wall will stop it”?

    What the heck is wrong with nearly every Spanish-speaking nation, flush with natural resources, that they can not create their own prosperous homeland and feel the need to infiltrate ours? They are worse than muzzies!

  8. Once again the massive ignorance displayed by this Cortez person, of American tradition is an example of the “rush to judgement” so prevalent of the left.

  9. Does a Lib-Tard whine when I buy more ammo or do I buy more ammo when a Lib-tard whines?

    Either way, I buy more ammo.

  10. Dana Cortez thinks that if she just burns candles, smokes cigars, spits tequila and ritually sacrifices enough chickens all her dreams of conquest will come true.


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