The Left Enjoys Killing People Economically

I imagine that there are lots of people out there that are going to enjoy killing the left, literally, if they keep this up.


Suzzanne Monk and Alexander Duvel, owners of Worlds of Music Chicago, said on “Fox & Friends Weekend” that their Trump support is causing them to shut down their music store in April.

Monk said she was “outed” as a Trump supporter after she and her husband posted about the University of Illinois-Chicago rally that was shut down by protesters.

“We actually drew some attention from the left, and they ‘outed’ us at that point as Trump supporters,” Monk said.

Since being “outed,” Monk said she and Duvel have been subjected to online threats and a decline in business, adding that friends have been wary of recommending anyone to the store because they back President Donald Trump.

“[It was] like I was just becoming more of a liability to [friends] because they couldn’t associate or recommend my shop to do business simply because of their peer group being so seriously anti-Trump,” Duvel explained.

Monk added that many people the couple had known for a long time decided the two were white supremacists and xenophobes without any evidence other than they voted for Trump.

While Monk and Duvel are closing down the retail side of their store, they will now focus on online sales and repairs.


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  1. I’m still in the physical music and video business and I hate to be a buzz kill, and I know the biz is loaded with leftists, but brick and mortar is in an ice age. I’ve been in this business my entire adult life.
    I’ve also been known as a conservative throughout my career. I’ve had some sneers over the years, but don’t assume that the reason your business is failing is all due to politics. It’s mostly due to a disappearing market.
    I’ll be lucky to have a job in 6 months.

  2. This morning I roll out at 5:30 preparing for the Gym. A cup of coffee and check out what’s going on in th world and notice a story on Drudge about Trump dropping to the 220 spot on Forbes wealthiest peoples list. Last year I seem to remember him being just outside the top 100. Our gym has been infiltrated with few lefty tools lately. Normally they stay over by the Obama weights, but not today. One of the clowns was arguing that Trump is just stealing tax dollars right and left to make his family wealthier. I’ve heard this Bull Shit before. So I calmly asked him what he did for a living and said “School Teacher” at the same time he did. I called him a Dumb Cxcksucker and told him about the article. His reply, “well he’s just moving money around say they can’t find it.” So I pointed out those rankings are based off Capital and Assets, not just cash and the drop came from him signing over assets to his kids. Then I told him that there is clinical proof the Liberalism is a brain disease. He stomped out yelling insults over his should vowing to report me for calling him a vile name. Fun Fun.
    It’s some scary shit know people like this teach our kids.

  3. Change the name of the store to something like “Progressive Music”, re-incorporate as a subsidary to another corporation in the name of relatives, advertise a grand reopening “under new management”. Problem solved. Never let the bastards win.

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