The Left: EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT NOT TO BE DISENFRANCHISED FROM VOTING!— ‘cept old people who vote conservative

The left argues that everyone has a right to vote. But the reason I never give them any credit for this benevolent and noble sounding stance is because they are disingenuous liars. They never wanted EVERYONE to be able to vote. They just want every progressive vote they can deliver, legal or otherwise.

Lately there have been essays written by leftist mouthpieces bemoaning the elderly vote, even suggesting that it might be a good idea to take away that right because their vote, let’s face it, isn’t a vote they like.

(And you think it is impossible for the left to start killing people who don’t think the right way, just like communist regimes before them? It’s in the leftist DNA.)

Story HERE.


13 Comments on The Left: EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT NOT TO BE DISENFRANCHISED FROM VOTING!— ‘cept old people who vote conservative

  1. On another (but similar) note: in Ohio you cannot serve on a jury if you have reached the age of 75. Wouldn’t it make sense (of course it would – but would never happen) if there was an age limit on members of congress?

  2. This is the end/ultimate goal of gun control in our county. It’s not far fetched to claim the communists have been stopped short of a coup here because we are armed. Don’t give up your guns.

  3. Well then how about people who don’t pay any taxes not vote either. They only vote for those who will give them more which is only in their self-interest

  4. In the 2000 Al Gore vs George W Bush vote count in Florida the Democrats did everything they could to prevent counting the military votes from overseas. The military vote. How shitty is that?

  5. One of my biggest concerns is what the schools are NOT teaching. Kids are not being taught about the horrors of Communism and what it is really like to live in a Communist State. They need to see the films of what Communism is all about. There is a reason that the United States stands for liberty and freedom, something that most of the world does not have. They need to be taught reality, not the fuzzy, wuzzy, cuddly bears of Socialism and that society can somehow be just like living with your parents when you grow up!

  6. The Rat Fink; I remember as a kid in the fifties how our teachers told us about the commies who had kids ratting out their parents. I couldn’t believe it. Look at it now. Everybody is ratting out everybody about everything. What a world we live in now.

  7. @geeknerd: can you recommend a good book or two on logic? My math skills stink, but I’d like to learn a few things without any SJW garbage getting in the way.

  8. Interesting that the proponent of this idea states the elderly just aren’t vested in the social, economic, and political future like the younger generation. But to him, someone who pays no income tax and gets public monies for sitting on their ass has the interest of the U.S. At heart? Please.

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