The Left Has No Shame, Jane Dixon Predictions Are More Accurate Than Their Politicized “Scientists””


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  1. “. . .air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half”

    On the other hand, the ozone hole doubled the sunlight reaching the earth.

    Break Even

  2. Lysenko?
    Trofim Lysenko to the courtesy phone!

    Have to be surrounded by imaginary fears and predicted (though never come to pass) disasters to keep the morons on tilt.

    Globaloney Warming
    Nuclear Winter
    Armed Citizens
    Sequential Thinking

    Funny how they never mention the long-term effects of suborning our Constitution!

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I’m surprise no one has noticed that my keyboard drops e and the shift key doesn’t always work.
    Takes me twice as long to do posts.

  4. Shame? Are you kidding? ‘Shame’ and the left have long departed.

    Remember the old commmunist saying: The means justifies the ends.

  5. Remember acid rain? That was gonna’ DESTROY ALL FORESTS AND POISON THE EARTH!!!!!

    The hole in the ozone was pretty cool. It was gonna’ let in all the suns rays and FRY THE ENTIRE EARF!!!

    Pretty much everything we do rapes and tortures sacred mother earth in some damn way. At this point I figure earth likes it rough so who am I to argue?

    Plus, we have chemtrails to take care of all these atmospheric shenanigans, so pass me the spf4 sun lotion.

  6. @BFH April 22, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    > Jane Dixon is my barber. She makes predictions.

    My barber predicted I wouldn’t be coming to see him in 12 years. I thought he thought my very good indeed lifestyle of sex and drugs and rock and roll was going to leave me a young and good looking corpse. That omniscient bastard.

  7. Didn’t the radio propagandists that brought us “Don’t Worry, be Happy” in the 80’s also bring us “Wear Your Sunscreen” in the 90’s? Because the air was getting cleaner and stuff?

  8. You can thank a Bolshevik named Rachel Carson for all this BS. IF her name is unknown look up silent spring to find out how white folk are destroying the planet!

  9. Alar
    Round Up
    Sun Spots
    Comet Tails
    Chem Trails

    “… and the beat goes on …”

    izlamo delenda est …

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