The left has unfettered access to America’s newsrooms

Look at this ad-

Director of Recruitment 

Report for America 

Join our growing team as the Director of Recruitment! 

Report for America sends emerging journalists into newsrooms around the country to report on under-covered topics and communities. In an era when local newspapers are laying off reporters at unprecedented rates and even shutting their doors, our program aims to fill the gaps in news coverage by supporting journalists who focus on critical beats like public education, affordable housing, indigenous issues, and more. An initiative of the nonprofit media organization The GroundTruth Project, RFA aims to harness the skill and idealism of the next generation of journalists plus the creative spirit of local news organizations.

We aim to place 1,000 corps members at news organizations within five years. To succeed in this mission, we’ll need a Director of Recruitment who will be responsible for recruiting prospective corps members and newsrooms. This individual will also oversee the screening and selection process. The location for this job is negotiable.


 Establishing relationships with a wide variety of professional organizations, universities, newsrooms and other sources to ensure that RFA attracts applicants who are geographically, ethnically and culturally diverse.

– This person will also seek out diverse newsrooms to partner with, including nonprofit and for-profit shops, ethnic media, and TV, radio, print and digital partners. (Travel is required.)

– Conveying the RFA mission to various groups with passion and sincerity.

– Overseeing the selection process. This includes working with the selection manager to fine-tune the application, setting deadlines and creating a smooth workflow process.

– Securing and training judges. We are going to need a hundred or more volunteers for these jobs.

– Working collaboratively and well with other directors and staffers.


– A successful history of work with professional organizations, universities, students and/or newsrooms, and many deep connections.

– Evidence that you’ve successfully overseen and delivered big projects.

– Some experience as a journalist.

Please fill out this form via the link provided, which will allow you to upload your resume. Questions about this position may be directed to


Can you imagine a right-wing organization placing an ad stating that they seek to place 1000 conservative seeds into America’s newsrooms within 5 years?

The response from the newsrooms would be “dafuquwill.”

But it causes nary a ripple of pushback, not a raised eyebrow, when it’s the left placing the ad.

There’s not a question of whether a lefty can get a job in the media, it’s just a question of someone going out and finding the bots and then pointing them toward the newsroom. The access is a given.


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6 Comments on The left has unfettered access to America’s newsrooms

  1. The good news is that nobody sees their product and nobody is influenced.
    Spend every penny you have on this failed mission.

  2. I like how ‘Some Experience in Journalism’ is dead last on the list.
    That should tell you all you need to know

  3. This has existed for decades… it used to be called internship. You recruited at universities for the most liberal pieces of shit you could find. Then you didn’t pay them and had them screamed at, constantly berated, and worked (HAA! They don’t know what work is) for 12 to 16 hours a day. The maggot who rose to the top was a true maggot… and would be put on staff.

    Even the maggots got sick of that shit.

    Now they have to pay the intern maggots, and it’s harder to tell who the biggest maggot is.

  4. They forgot to mention the required Raman noodles diet and putting off student loan debt.


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