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The Left Hates the “We Will Adopt Your Baby” Pro-Life Meme

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Following Friday’s Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, Americans on both sides of the abortion debate attended weekend rallies and protests. In the sea of homemade signs, a few stood out—and these signs are now being ridiculed online.

On Twitter, two photos are going viral of white couples holding signs stating “We Will Adopt Your Baby.” One was first posted on June 25 by a Twitter user who described it as “my favorite sign yesterday.” The date of the other image isn’t specified. More

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  1. There would be a lot more beneficial adoptions if we could break up the adoption/CPS cartels, and do away with (among other things) the collectivist abusive nonsense of racial red-lining of families.

  2. This is an actual position in an actual collage………..
    “Jason Hannan, an associate professor of rhetoric and communications at the University of Winnipeg.”

  3. “We Will Adopt Your Baby.”…

    However, we shall not be responsible for the child’s actions, after the child grows up and seeks to abort YOU for attempted murder.

  4. “We don’t want babies adopted. We want them dead!”

    – Filthy, evil, worshipers of Moloch, also knows as democrats

  5. Too bad I’m not on social media sites. I’ve got serious cred in this area. I DID adopt a child, that would otherwise have been thoroughly destroyed, emotionally and spiritually, by the Oregón state foster system.
    Our family is not simply Pro Life, we are Pro ABUNDANT Life! My beautiful boy is a joyful, God loving, Holy Spirit filled, warrior for Jesus! Raising powerful men and women of God really is the best way to win this evil war.

  6. This article really is hateful and uninformed.
    Not all children in foster care are able to be adopted. Many have to be completely given up by their parents who never want them back. Not easy to do.
    Every state has different laws and fees. Friends of ours went to an adoption agency in TX because the fees and laws in NJ are so ridiculous.
    Besides, lefties do hate anything that ends their push to remove all personal responsibility for one’s behavior.


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