The left hates Trump for being a brat because they’re used to being the brats – Kelsey Grammar

bpr– “In terms of policy, I don’t have a lot of problems with what he’s doing. He’s a bit of a brat, I guess you could say,” he said of Trump. “And that is astounding for people especially for people who come from the more liberal side of politics. They’re used to being the brats.”


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22 Comments on The left hates Trump for being a brat because they’re used to being the brats – Kelsey Grammar

  1. LCD….that’s spot on. They’re bullies, gestapo, nannies, totalitarians, fascists, etc. Brats? That’s weak.

  2. Moose, I think if he had said “bullies”, the Dems would have grabbed it and run. Imagine the headlines, “Conservative actor calls Trump a bully”. Kelsey tends to think before he speaks, and he has worked in liberal homowood for decades. He knows the enemy and how they think.

  3. In our presidents case it ain’t bragging when you can actually do what you say.
    That aside, what they don’t get and never will is that when trump acts the way he does it’s with a sense of humor.

  4. There has never been a man who’s had the left so off kilter. They don’t no whether to shit or go blind.

  5. Trump doesn’t make the left nuts- our unwavering support for him despite what they say we should feel about him drives them nuts.

  6. VietVet – I saw what you did there. Most impressive.

    If you’re ever in New Orleans you’ll have to change over to a Cajun name; Boo Dan. Your wife’s name would be Ann Dewey

  7. Amanpour must’ve left that interview vibrating with rage. She’s not accustomed to interviewees disagreeing with her. NPR will NEVER allow that to happen again.

  8. Maybe the (d) “females” could take Amanpour along on their trip to the moon. They’d use all their air up before they cracked Earth orbit…

  9. I thought they hated him for being the Alpha Male that he is and that he ends up CORRECT, just about all the time…like being BUGGED in his office.

    THANK YOU Admiral Rogers!! He will go down in history in helping to preserve, if not saving, the country…

    The Ghost salutes YOU sir.


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