The Left Honors a Child Predator…Again

Gays should be furious that the left continually honors a sexual predator of underaged boys as if he is the ultimate role model to aspire to.

Harvey Milk was in his 30s when he chicken-hawked a 16 year-old teen for sex. (How is this acceptable? Teachers go to jail for this all the time, but this guy is lionized. Is it just expected and accepted that gays go after young ones? That doesn’t seem right.)

Look it up. Milk was a sexual predator of young boys.

Obama named a battleship after the molester. Now Portland is naming a street after him.

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20 Comments on The Left Honors a Child Predator…Again

  1. Leftards WORSHIP pedophiles, pederasts & pornographers …. why wouldn’t they ‘honor’ this twerpetrator?

  2. I’m to old to have any connection or respect for Butt Fuckers. That was an insult when I was younger. I guess now it’s a badge of honor. But take note. This is how far back the brain washing of America began. If he were fucking my kid I would have made him die slow. Milked it for all it was worth. Get it? Yea I suck at comedy too.

  3. Plantsman

    Ask your city council why they honor child sex predators. This info is common knowledge all over the web. Stick it to them.

  4. I’m old enough like Bad Brad to remember when gay actually meant you were happy. Now the word gay has been so bastardized it only means you’re a queer. We used to be to be able to call them fags, homos, queers etc. and everyone knew what you were talking about. Now they’re all gay, whoopie do. And The Flintstones could sing about having a gay old time and no one thought that was weird.

  5. Harvey Milk was handled properly in my opinion. It’s too bad it wasn’t handled 30 minutes later while Feinstein was also present.

    Would have been a different (better) California in my opinion.

  6. As long as they leave my family in peace they can live.

    No harm no foul, but I have sharp teeth.

  7. Lets insist on everyone eating at least one Twinkie daily. They had a positive effect on Dan White so it can work again.

  8. Remember Harvey Weinstein was an honored Leftist until properly exposed.
    We DO need to turn this into a bigger deal.

  9. Similar to the Left not wanting Capital punishment… until the crime involves a relative, it’s all good until it involves their kid. Even then the Liberal mental illness can get in the way of protecting their own! Yeah, it does need to be a bigger deal.

  10. The travel center I stop at in St. Regis, Mt. to get coffee in the morning when I’m headed up to Kalispell with a load of flowers has and I’m not kidding Twinkie flavored coffee. It’s right next to the high caffeine stuff that I drink. There is no way I’ll ever drink Twinkie flavored coffee. If this was at a state fair it would be right next to the deep fried Twinkies, talk about a sugar overload. YUCK!

  11. And yet the leftists are tearing down Confederate monuments and anything that was named after anyone who MAY have owned slaves or MAY have said one racist thing in their lives is being changed.
    The left’s hypocrisy is more obvious than ever.


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