The left is not only anti-science, now they are anti-art

Scarlett Johansson was slated to play the role of a woman who identified as a man and ran a string of brothels. It was to be called (I’m not kidding) Rub and Tug.

The Gaystapo went berserk because Scarlett Johansson is not transgender. She eventually bowed to the pressure of insane social media SJWs and dropped out of the project.

Apparently, only transgenders can play the role of a transgender, which severely limits any transgender actor or actress in the amount of roles they get to play because I am assuming that this rule applies in reverse, no? Transgenders can’t play people who aren’t transgenders, right?

This would also mean that gay people cannot play straight people. (Uh oh, there goes BROADWAY!!)

Jews can’t play gentiles. (George is getting very angry!!) Gentiles can’t play Jews. The list goes on and on. Unless, of course, we’re carving out special rights for transgenders. Is that what we’re doing? I was told that that wasn’t happening, or never would happen.


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  1. Like the Bible says= There will come a
    time when there is no clear RIGHT & WRONG
    just a hazy fog of WHATEVER!

  2. Charles Heston – non Jew…played Moses, converted Jew…nuff said.


  3. I need to get this straight- the ‘person’ who is going to play the role of a man in this movie thing will need to have a DNA test, or similar, to prove that they are genetically a woman?
    chaz bono could fill the void
    Good night- I’ve had enough ‘news’ for the day

  4. I’m not a Johansson fan. I couldn’t pick her out of a line-up, but she has name recognition.

    Somehow I don’t think a ‘run-of-the-mill’ mentally unstable weirdo will have the draw she would have. The film probably won’t be done.

    Liberals eating their young……again.

  5. HOLD THE PHONE. I thought all this shit was fluid. A straight person can be trans for a day or even an hour and then flip back. It’s totally normal and acceptable. That’s how I was educated anyhow. Is it time for re-education AGAIN?? I just healed from the last shock therapy.

  6. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. It’s true. Can I skip the bull shit and go right to head butting Libtards?

  7. why couldn’t she say she is a pre-op trans? People do that all the time to get into bathrooms. How do they know? She could be 20 years pre-op.

  8. May I suggest the picture of those fighting cats for this post?

    I wish they find a transgender (whatever that is) to play the role and that they go ahead with the project. Hopefully they will spend tons of money on it, and it becomes another box office flop.

  9. I’m as confused (as they are). 🤔

    Non musicians can’t fake play any instrument.
    Non artists can’t fake talent to play a famous painter.
    Non chefs can’t fake cooking…
    Just how silly are they gonna get? Never mind.

  10. If John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) can be a BLT (Black Lesbian in Transition), Johansson can do this. Justice for Scarlett!

  11. All kinds of permutations could arise. Could a half-Jew play a half-Gentile?

    How about a sane actor (if there are any) in the role of an insane person. Would that actor understand all the nuances of being crazy as a nutcake?

    What about a parapalegic actor who wants to portray a football player? An atheist who wants to play God?

    Well, a Jewish guy did play Sgt. Schultz in Hogan’s Heroes.

    I don’t know what point I’m making, I’m just yammering.

  12. On Master Chef the other day, they kicked out what I thought was a woman.
    Then Gordon Ramsay said “young man, you are still a great chef…”
    WUT? MAN?
    He had a funky hairstyle pompadour but sounded and had features of a woman.

    Don’t worry though, all you LQGTBers, a big bull dyke is still a contestant.

    You can’t watch TV these days without being confused.

  13. “Rub & Tug, the true story of a person who was born a female but identified as male and who ran a series of message parlors and whore houses.”

    I would never go see a movie with that description even if they offered to pay me.

    It would have been a better carrier move for CJ to have never signed on to play the lead part to begin with.

    But still, her dropping out due to the madness demands of the mentally ill, sex confused Nazis is a BS reason.

  14. “Well, a Jewish guy did play Sgt. Schultz in Hogan’s Heroes.”

    I believe Gen. Burkhalter and the Gestapo guy were played by Jews, as well.

    These people (who get exercised over stupid shit) are (obviously) mentally ill.

    izlamo delenda est …


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