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The Left Is Obsessing Over Ginsberg

With the addition of 49-year old Neil Gorsuch to the high court, the left is realizing their most reliable votes are getting a little long in the tooth.  Now they’re wishing with all their black hearts that 83-year-old Ginsberg will hold on for another four years.



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  1. References to “crosshairs,” “arsenic” and such
    would simply be wrong…SO wrong.

    On a completely different point, I’m really bad at deadpan humor.

  2. Good lord, you know she reeks of mothballs and the taxidermist does fairly good work.
    Bernie (Weekend at Bernie’s) has more life in him.

  3. Not to worry. As every Democrat knows, “Just because you’re dead, don’t mean you’re not entitled to vote.”

  4. I suspect she’ll either pass away or become incompetent through disease or some infirmity and have to be removed. I know a few sharp 80 or so year olds but I suspect none can take the rigors that a judge of the SCOTUS has to take daily. Trump ought to get another Judge before the end of his first term. Then Kennedy and Breyer are up to bat.

  5. She’s just one bathroom fall away from Trump appointing her replacement.

    Two other Supremes are on the short side of the actuarial table too.
    With any luck Trump will appoint 3 and possibly 4 of the 9 in his first term.
    If Clarence Thomas wants to retire he too can pass the torch with confidence to a younger successor.

    Good times. What a miraculous salvation President Trump is. Hilary’s SCOTUS appointments would have sealed this country ‘s doom.


  6. it is surprising how long these old lefties can delay the reaper. Its like they’re scared of something. . . .

  7. I suspect the Left would be OK with RBG becoming incompetent as long as she kept their votes coming.

    Furthermore, the full nature of Liberalism/Progressivism appears incompetent to me.

  8. I’m thinking the left is going to wait 16 years.Pence 2024,2028.Do’nt think Ruth Buzzie Ginsberg will last that long.

  9. Some Lefty was floating a trial balloon about “what-if RBG were to require some long term medical leave of absence ” and trying to create some notion that “it’s still her seat for life”.
    No way, lefties. If RBG breaks a hip or has a stroke (long recovery if ever) she is now “incapacitated/unable to serve ” and POTUS can replace her.
    Several methods available to declare her incapacitated, but the outcome is the same.

    They can bury her in that little lace “dissent” doily of hers.
    Commie hag.

  10. They are worried someone will find her in bed with a pillow over her face and that she will be buried with no autopsy.

  11. She has survived colon and pancreatic cancer. Tough lady. Her skin is beautiful, or was that a retouched photo? At any rate, the Evil One prolly has her on his waiting list.

  12. If someone can find where Pelosi sleeps during the day, I bet he finds Ginsberg’s coffin nearby. A stake through the cold, dead heart is supposed to kill those things.

  13. ACLU hag who would not know the Constitution if I rolled it up and hit her on the head with it. Satan is licking his chops at her imminent demise.

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