The Left, Ladies and Gentleman, the Left

It just occurred to me that I cannot even use the phrase “ladies and gentleman” without offending the left, because of the 101 dal-genders.

Behold- the perpetually, professionally, offended left —>


This is what they have wrought. What disgusts the right-wing is celebrated by the oft-offended left.

There is no argument, nor an explanation, nor an excuse, that can convince me that the left is not a cancer on society.

If this clip was shown 50 years ago, everyone involved would either be arrested, or at the very least, shamed into never appearing in public again. Today, this is met by the deranged left with either clapping and a smile, or a yawn, but never a criticism.

If somehow these acts miraculously produced a citizenry that excelled in all areas of civility, morality and scholarship, I’d have to reexamine my disgust.

But that’s not the case. Somehow I’m the bad guy if I say that modern day black culture doesn’t seem to be contributing to the betterment of its people, as evidenced by the murder rate, the single parent household rate, the teen pregnancy rate, the incarceration rate, the drug abuse rate………

But what do I know? I’m just a straight white guy. We are the devil.



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  1. What’s next? A topless bottomless pole dancing Olive Oyl? Elmer Fudd trying to walk with his pants around his knees and blurting “Gnome sane, nigga?” every four seconds? Or maybe Mighty Mouse running amok on “bath salts” trying to eat Sylvester the Cat’s face?

  2. The sewerfication of the West has been brought to us courtesy if the Movie and Rap music moguls, the news biz, the democratic party, and the McVain/Flake/Romney wing of the GOP for never pushing back, but just putting their hand out for a payoff instead.

  3. But here is the great comfort: the pendulum never stops. Never. It may seem that it does, but it does not. The second great comfort is that the internets are forever. At some point in time all these pictures and audios will come around again — when they are least expected and most feared.

    We laughed at our elders because their young pranks and habits were goofy. Future generations will remember the Left as pornographic and vile. Which would you rather?

  4. This is disgusting, what a shame for those who actually have class and care about making their lives and country a better place.

  5. I can’t help but wonder what Walt Disney would think of this. This is not the behavior he intended for mickey and Minnie to publicize.
    The destruction of Americans morals continues.

  6. I wondered it Disney would have a problem with this, until I remembered they had some pedo problems and would probably not even blink watching this.

    This whole video, is gross.
    Get off my planet!!!

  7. Useful idiots handled by fascists.

    The funny part: if the fascist handlers gain power, it’s the useful idiots who will be first to die.

  8. I guess the democratic party was immensely successful at one thing, and one thing only; destroying the family unit of Black Americans by enslaving them through generational dependency and locking that in by killing their unborn through Planned Parenthood.

    Congrats, democrats.

  9. Except for the reboot of Mary F’ Poppins , I MUST AGREE! Just give me that on TMZ, EXTRA EXTRA with shot of old DICK in his coffin! I’ll know it’s all right then.

  10. Snorky, it’s not a reboot. There’s like 5 Mary Poppins books. The new movie is book 2.

    Oh…. and black chicks have flexible asses.

  11. Wow, I’ve never been racist, and never knew that was being recorded. Such a blush on me right now. To think a white boy would ever make it out of there , you sick Bastards all! Yet, there we all are.
    PS, thanks for reminding us about your slaves Aaron! I let Bad Brad know!

  12. Snorky, Burr never owned slaves. Burr fought for freedom for all. Burr also wanted women to vote.

    It’s Jefferson, the Democrats and all the guys who died at the Alamo who had slaves.

    Also, focus. We’re talking about the Mary Poppins book series and black chicks with flexible asses.

  13. Evil, animalistic, vulgar depravity, no sense of morality or civil conduct, indecent exposure and child abuse with a great amount of mental illness to top off this display of debauchery. Issues only God can fix by His grace and mercy.

  14. Ho. ly. crap. What in the hell was that? Mickey and Minnie need to be fired. If I’d paid the huge price tag to go to Disney, and that’s what assaulted my children’s eyes, I’d demand my money back. It’s just gross.

  15. Lemme see: No fathers in their lives to lead, love, guide, and discipline. And their mothers act like this? Where are principled blacks to tell these hos n bitches to stop that? Poor black kids don’t have a chance.

  16. Jesus guys….have some tolerance why don’t you?
    These are obviously savages from deepest darkest Africa doing a tribal dance for the kids.

  17. @Judge, they would call the principled blacks vile names, censure them, spit on them and beat them if given the opportunity.

  18. Mexico outlawed slavery and then BAM! Texas wants “independence”. C’mon man, they wanted entry into the US as a slave state. Texans bad. Burr good.

  19. sir, you slurred the sainted memory of Davy Crockett!
    … & Texicans wanted independence … got it … formed their own country

    Texans bad alright … bad to the bone

  20. Wow, Aaron, now I want to apologize to you, been so wrong about my assumptions, and yes, Jefferson was a racist rapist! Always was, please pardon my silly train, be well. Sometimes our perceived thoughts overcome decentcie.

  21. Please, I’ve seen less virtue signalling at Antifa rallies than expressed here. We were all expecting one of them to start a weave-flying chimpout over a dis, an alphaboon or klan rivalry, maybe even a drive by. Admit it.

  22. Several generations of positive cultural influence has done absolutely nothing to have led to this.
    Time to pack up the nose bones and send the savages back where they belong.


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