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The Left Needs Reeducation… Forceful Reeducation


Transgender Freak Tells 12 Year-old Girl She’s Really a Boy.

SEQUIM, Washington, March 23, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A Washington state school district has paused a sex education course after an instructor told a 12-year-old girl her enjoyment of fishing and basketball meant she was transgendered.

Seattle Fox affiliate Q13 reports that Jason Peterson, single father of five in the Sequim School District, says his daughter came home crying after a November class where she was told the sports she liked “were boy things,” which meant that “she was a boy inside and that she was gay.”

She “was very confused by it,” Peterson told NBC King 5. “She likes playing basketball, she likes going fishing with dad, she likes skateboarding, and she likes being a girl.”


What ever happened to “there is no such thing as boy activities and girl activities”?

The left, and I mean ALL OF THEM, are a mixed-bag of mentally ill and low IQ people. They have no idea what they are saying on a day to day basis. Their goalposts shift, the playing field gets tilted and they simply exist to be agitators, nags, boors, parasites and cancers.

I hate them.

Did I write reeducation in the title? Sorry. I spelled eradication wrong.

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  1. Ugh. Another story from Washington state. The teacher is probably originally from Seattle, but because of Amazon destroying the city they love, they escaped to the small town of Sequim. Like locust they go…

    Geez. Kids need to carry garlic and silver spikes to keep these weirdo people away from them.

  2. We all know as sure as God made little green apples that this shit will continue on and on until there is some determined, forceful pushback applied to them! At this point it is now just a tinderbox waiting for a spark!

  3. See, I’m not the only one who thinks they truly are a lost generation. Not a one worth the time to fix.
    Funny thing it is, they are ok with abortion but not the execution of a criminal. They say hitler was the worst person ever but fully endorse his political tactics.

  4. Sue them for psychological abuse of the child. Parents are under threat of losing kids for holding to nominally biblical beliefs, so make them live by their own rulebook.

  5. If my granddaughter Dylan is anything like her late grandmother she’s going to a tom boy. She’s already very strong willed and is showing that she might be very athletic and loves to follow her dad my son around watching him build things with his hands. This is a good thing, if any knucklehead tries to talk her into something that she isn’t first they’ll have to answer to my son and than her 2 grandfathers and her other grandfather is an old school, take no prisoners, suffers no bs logger and construction worker.

  6. My vision for the left involves huge fertilizer production facilities; biowaste to fertilizer and soil supplements.

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