The Left: Poised To Ruin 2019

Dennis Prager’s column today kicks the new year off with a simple observation; now that they control the House, democrats are going try to make us all as batsh*t crazy as they’ve been the last two years. More

I for one, am ready to mock and laugh in the face of their efforts to induce anxiety and misery upon the citizen of this nation.

5 Comments on The Left: Poised To Ruin 2019

  1. If the democraps threw a tantrum, and nobody CARED (the lamestream media doesn’t count), can THEY really “ruin” our year?

    I plan on paying as MUCH attention to them, as I have since 1980. Which is to say – NONE at all! 😀

  2. Thru all the nonsense coming our way, keep your eyes on progress with judicial appointments. That is our silver lining.

  3. Love the pic!
    If only she had the leadership to walk within 30′ of the border without secret service protection and have a non paid-for MS-13 Gang member rip that portentous mallet out of her hands and cave her pocket lining delusional skull in.
    I write children’s self-help books for a living. That being said, Yea, we all need to dream.
    Feeling better now.

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