The Left Purges Woodrow Wilson, But Not His Progressivism

BigGovernment: The American Left finally admits that one of the leading lights of the early Progressive movement was a racist, segregationist, and generally unseemly fellow.

woodrow wilson

Princeton’s Black Justice League protestors have urged that early-twentieth century President Woodrow Wilson’s “racist legacy” be acknowledged, and any mention of his existence purged from campus.

Breitbart News’ Michelle Fields reported that the activists are “demanding the removal of a mural of Wilson, the creation of a diversity training program on campus, and a special space on campus for ‘cultural affinity.’” Oddly enough, the activists also demand “cultural space on campus dedicated specifically to Black students” and “affinity housing for those interested in Black culture.” Given Wilson’s segregationist impulses, he likely wouldn’t have balked at this demand. read more


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  1. Cultural purges. Re-education. Young people without an ounce of common sense acting on their feelings and dictating public policy. Mindless obedience to terrible leaders. Willful ignorance (at best) of government abuses by the media. Yes, by all means let’s resurrect the Chinese Red Guard and see where that takes us.

  2. The Democrats successfully purged the KKK from their history, so why not? Purged, thrown under the bus. Same difference.

    Rewriting history, just another stage in the development of totalitarian ideology.

  3. black Progessives deleting/ “unperson-ing” a Progressive icon. Delicious.

    It reminds me so much of a disemboweled hyena, snapping at its own entrails.

  4. While I was a student at PURDUE back in the early 80s they built a ‘black cultural center’ I wondered back then if as a someday alumnus I offered money for them to build a ‘white cultural center’ across the street would they? 30 years ago the idea of having a cultural center for one group and excluding another group from having one was crazy and guess what it is just as crazy today.
    Sure glad we have made progress on MLK’s dream of everyone being colorblind.

  5. Just like the racist LBJ, “I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.”.
    There is much discussion about if he said this, well not on National TV but they seem to believe Wilson was a racist, do they have recordings of that?
    Funny how Progs think they can pick, choose, and substitute, history isn’t a Chinese restaurant.

  6. And at the same time, the Black Lives [Don’t] Matter screamers are demanding segregated “safe spaces” for themselves and other non-whites.

    Perhaps they should have their own segregated, parallel, educational and commercial systems, too? Hell, how about their own non-white country, somewhere?

    I hear Antarctica has lots of space.

  7. I find a bit of comfort in the asinine attempts of college students to erase Wilson, Jefferson and etc, from history. If they succeed, we can look forward to erasure of all things Obama, once he is out of office. I really think the Obama presidential library needs to be in Iran, since we are unsure if his home state.

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