The LEFT REACTS to Trump’s Nominee Neil Gorsuch @Mr_Pinko VIDEO – IOTW Report

The LEFT REACTS to Trump’s Nominee Neil Gorsuch @Mr_Pinko VIDEO

The LEFT REACTS to Trump’s Nominee Neil Gorsuch @Mr_Pinko VIDEO


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14 Comments on The LEFT REACTS to Trump’s Nominee Neil Gorsuch @Mr_Pinko VIDEO

  1. James O’Keeffe sent me a video today of what happened the other night, and Mr. Pinko had pixelated boobs…and that dude in the ball cap kept touching them…but the good news…the dude ended up in the hospital with neck brace doing insurance fraud….

    how weird is that?

    How weird is that?

  2. The left is going a little nuts simply because for the first time they realize that conservatives can take real control of SCOTUS within Trumps first term should Ginzberg stroke out and Kennedy change his mind and decide to play golf. This is just adding to the collapse of the house of cards they’ve built over 25 years. The Senate better grow a set and invoke the “Harry Reid” option if the Dems decide to hold this (or Sessions) up.

  3. I remember well the destruction of Robert Bork, a brilliant jurist, by two fucking morons in the US Senate, Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy.
    Look for some terrible shit on the vetting of Mr. Gorsuch.

  4. Dude’s younger than me, I sure as hell
    hope they force this pick through the leftists.
    This is actually a sign in the middle of the
    road for the RINOs. We’ll see which path they

  5. I am here to say I could not have been more wrong about how I thought Trump was just going to be another rhino Republican.

  6. if the left isn’t dead then they didn’t react strongly enough.

    the left needs to fight trump in a more dedicated manner and I think mass suicide would send just the message that mean old trump needs to hear!

  7. “Lefty trying to figure out where to protest:
    Airport? Supreme Court? Border?’

    Hmm. Sounds like there’s an opportunity for fun in doing some Trump biz at the North Pole.

    Maybe Trump should build a Fortress of Solitude in the middle of frozen nowhere. He can keep scheduling to go there, but cancels during flight, leaving them frozen at the gates.

    Hey, a guy can dream.

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