The Left Seeks To Do Away With Single Family Home Zoning (In Middle Class Neighborhoods)

There is no way that these new rules will impact any tony areas where the upper crust lives, this will only be implemented in the “deplorable” neighborhoods.

NY Times-

In a bold move to address its affordable-housing crisis and confront a history of racist housing practices, Minneapolis has decided to eliminate single-family zoning, a classification that has long perpetuated segregation.

The Minneapolis City Council voted last Friday to get rid of the category and instead allow residential structures with up to three dwelling units — like duplexes and triplexes — in every neighborhood. Minneapolis is believed to be the first major city in the United States to approve such a change citywide.

Peggy Reinhardt, 75, an advocate who supported the decision, hopes the change will mean more housing options around her Uptown Minneapolis neighborhood. She sees young couples in apartments who cannot afford to scale up to $400,000 houses, while elderly residents nearby are “house rich and cash poor” and have few options to downsize in their neighborhood.

“It’s that missing middle,” she said.

As cities across the country contend with an affordable-housing crisis that has led to gentrification and homelessness, few have been willing to take on single-family zoning, a way of living that is fiercely protected by neighborhood groups. Portland, Ore., is working on a plan to allow fourplexes in nearly all single-family neighborhoods, and Seattle is considering rezoning 6 percent of its single-family neighborhoods to include more housing.

In Minneapolis, the decision came as part of a sweeping plan to propel the city into the future by addressing issues like housing, racial equity and climate change.


The left really despises this country.

Anti-discrimination laws were not enough, because it did not solve the problem as they see it. It was never about opportunities and a level playing field, which it should be. It was about removing liberty and having the people succumb to the control of the central planners.

WhoTF do they think they are?

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  1. I mentioned this the other night. Libtards hate the idea of Property Rights. Specifically right now in SoCal the epicenter of no middle class. You got your homeless, and you got your rich. There’s nothing in between anymore. Several SoCal cities are offering tax credits for sheltering the homeless in your house or even in your back yard.

  2. Bad Brad – Correct. Where I live, multiple families live in the houses. In the evenings there’s 4 cars in every driveway and the streets are lined on both sides.

  3. Formerly known as Agenda 21 now re-packaged as UN Agenda 30 is being advanced. They want their own world and Deplorables aren’t part of it. Yellow-Vests are the beginning of the resistance and the Elites are pissed. The complicit in our government are simply advancing the schedule. It’s decision time.

  4. @B_Brad ~ you are absolutely correct … our nation is built on the rights of property, whether it is land, simple possessions, or chattel (either animal or human .. which I fervently disagree with in the ‘human’ aspect … an argument for another time). when a government decides what a person can possess (land, possessions, chattel … other than another human, government is no longer Constitutional, it is King.

    when government allows such entities, be it Standard Oil, Microsoft, General Motors, the Federal Reserve, Google, Fakebook to acquire such power as to manipulate government, then that government is corrupted … that government is no longer Constitutional … it is a corruption & should be done away with.

  5. @Bad_Brad:

    Libtards hate the idea of Property Rights.

    Yes, and over time they’ve largely watered the concept down to the point that what we call property rights today are worth not much more than a bucket of warm piss. The govt can screw with you even if you have an allodial title, a land patent, that’s been on the books forever.

    So many of the infuriating problems we have in the U.S. were either caused directly, or made hugely worse, by govt over-reach.

    The Constitution was supposed to limit the power and scope of govt. One might even call it “law control”. And like “gun control” it flat out does not – cannot – work.

  6. I imagine there are all sorts of people salivating over this, but not the homeowners.
    Just think of all the new services that will be required- water and electric meters for starters. What was previously a single taxable property will become multiple accounts, greatly increasing tax revenues. And houses, which used to be homes, will be re-assessed for their potential value, driving elderly original owners out. There is a lot more to this than immediately meets the eye.
    They are just more borders to remove, as they see things. They don’t care about affordable housing, they just want more money and the concentration of population density in order to more easily control the populace.
    I have my vest and pitchfork by the door…

  7. You know how you get lower affordable housing? Clean out the ghettos. They’re the reason homes are expensive. No one wants to live in or around them and that’s why prices go up in good neighborhoods.

  8. Minneapolis will become one big ghetto.
    Yeah, making obama president was a good idea.
    Damn that traitor and the media who covered up for him.

  9. Remember the scene in Dr Zhivago when the Communist officer explains how the privately owned house was seized because it was big enough to home 4 families?

  10. Hoo Hoo Nay Nay, Spot on! Yes I do,
    Fiddler on the Roof and that stuff.
    Best ‘members Omar for Top Secret in ’87.

  11. We don’t have or want zoning. We have “economic” zoning. In Houston. This city is growing tremendously. Younger people want to live in the city, thus we’re having more and more townhomes replacing old homes at the end of their effective lives. Hating the dense housing and resulting traffic, but my neighborhood is looking great and everyday necessities are within blocks of my townhome. Houston is renewing itself. If one can afford the land pricing, beautiful new single family home are rapidly under development as well. No zoning wordinances works here. Rezoning is a form of theft by government. Deed restricions can be a problem as well though
    Let the market decide what goes where. Industrial development simply won’t be developed on high value commercial and residential land, etc.

  12. They can really pack in the Somalis now?
    They already do! Just ask any mailman how many muzloid families live in a single home today. They’re simply legalizing something that has been going on all the time!

  13. “@BFH – Who will own them? Cousins, in-laws, and progeny of zoning commissioners, of course.”

    …that’s because city planning doesn’t work unless the pieces stay where you put them, @Tony R. The only way to get SOME pieces to stay is by force, and the only way to have force is to have Communist control everything.

    This is also why lefties are so in love with public transportation. That way, people can only go where YOU want them to go, and when YOU are willing to take them there. And yet, as the late, unlamented Mussolini could tell you, they STILL can’t make the trains run on time, even at gunpoint.

    The only answer to this is the same answer that Mussolini got to in the end…

  14. And all the planning that regulates the egress and travel through these areas be damned.
    Create traffic nightmares and accident zones as traffic finds faster ways in and out
    Law of unintended consequences awaits with disaster in the wings

  15. Democrats won’t be satisfied until we all are on collective farms owned by the state, told what to plant and we are all paid minimum wage.

  16. The stupid “climate change” hysterics predicted New York and Florida would be under water a decade ago. Nope, not even close.

    On the other hand, the rising tide of UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 (…I never even heard of that one, as yet) seems to be rising faster by the day, lapping at the fruit cellar doors in the basement.

    Please, Trump: please win! ….Lady in Red

  17. Katdog, I agree. It’s zoning that is the force of government crippling property rights so as to fit a bureaucratic plan of what is best.

  18. The Developers, who are always
    wanting to push multi’s for the
    extra money they make on them
    are usually the political muscle
    money boys in this.

  19. From Single Family Zoning to Single Mom Zoning. This isn’t about the plight of white hipsters and codgers at all. It’s for the broodmares.

  20. Oddly… The city I grew up in in Kali had rather haphazard planning prior to the late 60’s, and there were a number of neighborhoods with Apartments interspersed with houses. I can’t say it always worked real well, but… It did have a couple advantages:

    – You could always find an apartment near your relatives.
    – They were smaller apartment buildings, four-plexes to twelve units at most. Which changes the economics of things.

    The second point is key. Consider the “modern apartment complex” with a few hundred units on a 200 acre lot. Those are owned by banks. They’re run by property management companies, with staff salaries and benefits, all paid for by tenants rent. They make decisions like banks & companies, and have no ties to your community beyond greasing the local pol’s hands.

    A four plex can be owned by an individual. It doesn’t cost much more than a house. Not even a rich individual, but one with some means, and drive to succeed. A few years of mowing a second lawn, and painting and fixing things when the units turn over, having the tenants pay the bills, and you can trade that four plex up to a 12 unit after a decade or two… I know this because my grandfather did it.

    “The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work.” — Thomas A. Edison.

    “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”— Warren Buffett

    So rail away about zoning and planning. I hate them as much as you. But I’m going to stop here and see if I can find a four plex for sale near me.

  21. TRF,

    Believe it or not, you can still evict people for rental agreement violations. And if you’re there doing the maintenance, you’ll notice.



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