The Left- They Built This: Man Says He Has the Right To Rape a Woman Because of Kavanaugh

Some old guy tries to make a stupid point, saying he has the right to rape women because of “the supreme court,” an obvious reference to Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

See what the left has done to the low IQ horde of scum? Suddenly Kavanaugh is a rapist, and they’ve gotten this befuddled old dope to publicly get himself in trouble because the left has given him misplaced chutzpah.

To make matters even worse, the pack of parasites that were surrounding this clown adamantly deny the guy ever said what he clearly said just seconds before, leading the interviewer to sarcastically berate the flotsam by asking, “why don’t you believe me? I’m a woman!!”

22 Comments on The Left- They Built This: Man Says He Has the Right To Rape a Woman Because of Kavanaugh

  1. Ok, They built this, fine, so its cool with me then to leave a woman to drown in a car, swim off and the run for Democratic Senator of Massachusetts? Bill Clinton and Lolita Island cool?

    Can they be any more absurd.

  2. I don’t think so! A woman can run faster with her skirt up than a man can with his pants down! That old fart couldn’t run even if he had no pants on (unless his ugly old wife was chasing him)!!

  3. Guess that means this old man has the right to punch that old man in the face repeatedly, because he’s an ignorant lemming, eh?

  4. Folks from that generation (the depression and WW2) were staunch Democrats. They were obstinate about it and could never see, among other things, that Barry was trouble or that they are being driven batty by it. Like “The Fly”: “You’re getting worse, “no” I’m getting better”.

  5. I wouldn’t be concerned about that old geezer raping anyone, he probably can’t get it up. As for the traynnie next to him, it’s too ugly to even try. Gawd there’s some ugly ass people running around this planet.

  6. Great moments in libtard logic right there folks :

    Not giving in to mob smear tactics = rape rights for everybody.

    “I could throw you down and rape you, because of the Supreme Court!”

    (and what young girl doesn’t fantasize about an eighty-year-old coot with a breathing tube ?!? )

    Too bad they don’t make Viagra for the brain, Old Rapey in the video could sure use some erect neurons to put together a cogent thought with.

    BTW, Tim, I think he COULD ‘rape his own fist’ .. Like an Avanetti Gansta!!! Because of ‘the Supreme Court’ .

  7. Start with Woopie Goldburg and then if your still spun up have a go at Rosie O’Donnel. That should tame you permanently.If not the creeping necrosis you’ll contract will.

  8. The old guy is just trying to follow the example of Mrs. Clinton. He wants to display HIS ignorance to everybody, just like she yet she does.

  9. Such a repulsive and pathetic old coot.
    If he said such a thing to me I would’ve called the cops on him, overreaction be dammned.

    The left needs a taste of their own medicine, and his comment could legitimately be perceived as a threat.

    Let ol’ tubes rot in a cell.
    His brain is already there.

  10. Good one, Doc! ….smile…. The damn old goat is attempting to remember something long lost. Beyond being unable to “get it up,” he is, now, even unable to “hold her down.”

    Stupid old man. ….Lady in Red


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