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The Left Thinks That Maybe The Country Will Wobble On February 17th

Resolution to Engage in a Nationwide General Labor Strike on February 17, 2017.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this National Day of Action shall have, as a core action, a Nationwide General Strike involving ALL Labor Unions, and unionized and non-unionized workers alike in solidarity, brotherhood and sisterhood, and humanity.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that all attempts to undermine Labor negotiations and collective bargaining by State Legislatures or the Federal Government will be met with similar and swift collective resistance action.

Solidarity Forever.


How can the unproductive party Go Galt?

Question: Will the parasites not take a check, drain services, get freebies on February 17th?

How about we measure the impact of this strike  (money lost due to non-productivity) and then calculate what the savings to America would be if the same number of people who participated in the strike didn’t receive benefits for the day.

I think you’ll see that the dirtbag party is a drain on America.

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  1. The 17th would be a good day to re-validate badges and electronic keys, change computer and phone passwords, etc. Employees present can manage their own changes and be temporary proxies for amployees who are away on vacation or some sort of scheduled absence. Those saying they are out for medical reasons would be evaluated on a case by case basis.

    This is a good practice, at least in part, anyway. But the 17th would be a good time to carry through.

  2. @Stoobie – I don’t think the average participant in this sort of (in)action has the cognitive ability to pour water out of the proverbial boot with instructions on the sole, much less perceive the subtle self-contradiction of jobless strikers.

  3. About ten years ago they tried “Day without Mexicans”. Remember that? Nothing happened. This will be the same. The left think that they are more important to society than they are.

  4. The way they set this up, is like a vacation !!!
    The Friday before a 3 day holiday ? Will the roads be like Thanksgiving ?

  5. Where I worked before retiring if you took an unscheduled day off before a holiday (weekend) you were not paid for the holiday or the day off. Illness required a statement from an MD or DO saying you were under their care on the unscheduled day off.

    I expect other employers have similar rules in place.

    These people have no worries though as living in mommy’s basement and being a deadbeat sponge are not jobs.

  6. They gonna call this Day of the Dirtbags?

    Maybe they’ll go out and riot in the streets
    and we can swerve to hit them on the way home
    from work.

  7. Hispanics are said to be keeping their kids home from school. Not sure what point that’s supposed to make or how intelligent they would be to make it.

  8. Actually it’s another Day Without a Mexican. My husband has 75 guys not showing up. They are supposed to stay home and not spend money. They are going to piss and moan cuz their checks are short next week. BOO F’IN HOO!!!!! I say fire their asses.

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