The Left Wants To Bring Us More of These Imports –

No, the left is NOT vigorously vetting anyone.

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  1. “It’s amazing nobody else was killed”

    God you know I support LEO. BUT, learn your trade. 45 rounds out of your pistol every 4 months is not training. It’s amazing nobody else was killed by an errant bullet from LEO. Curios, what was the round count? And the female cop that first boarded the bus should have killed his ass.

  2. The Left Wants To Bring Us More of These Imports –

    And hopefully we’ll keep de-porting them,…….. one casket at a time.

  3. ^^^^^^^^
    Dual pistols with extended magazines?

    At least they saved the city millions dealing with that phock.

  4. When we Have Guys Named Irving Going Jihadi, you’de think the Lib’s would STOP ALREADY With the Muslim Shit !
    Sadly for us the Liberal’s Need their Trends and Phases . This is a Trend For Them, they’ll get over it … But this Trend’s gonna leave a Mark !

  5. If one person was armed on that bus, a single surprise bullet to the head would have ended it. Not 5000 screaming rounds later, and damage to property AND a foot chase endangering more civilians.

    While I see police up at the state house protesting pro-gun legislation (in uniform) I wonder where their loyalties are? They should be supporting our 2nd Amendment. The good guys need to help each other, not tie our hands and help the criminals.

  6. That cop did some good shooting. The punk was on the move and he dropped him. Highly stressful situation. His range time paid off.

  7. Yet not a mention in any of the media reports that this guy had jihad problem…I scoured the local news for days…since the guy was most likely a convert, stuck to his given name and the random violence or mental health excuse. 😡😡😡

  8. why is it that so many of these formerly-Christian self-radicalized Filthy Mohammedan Savages always have redhaired soupcatchers? DAMNED GINGERS!

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