The Left Wants Trump To Give a Free Pass To #BLM and #Antifa, Trump Resisted

The left is farcical, in high dudgeon that Trump blamed “many sides” for the Charlottesville violence.

It’s not “many sides” doing the fighting?

Who are the “domestic terrorists/KKK/alt-right” fighting with? Freedom fighters?

#BLM is responsible for the death of policemen.

#Anitfa is a fascist organization who pretends to be combatting right-wing fascists.

Antifa would, if given the chance, shut this blog down. I am not a bigot, a white supremacist or in the KKK.

They’ve been violent at Ann Coulter speaking engagements, as well as Milo and Ben Shapiro.

Are they the KKK? Are they racists?


Trump’s remarks were spot on. The left is not going to bully Trump into giving a leg up to the actual fascists—> #BLM and #Antifa.

Imagine if we had a president that endorsed the left’s beliefs, beliefs such as this-

Stanford University course to study ‘abolishing whiteness’.


11 Comments on The Left Wants Trump To Give a Free Pass To #BLM and #Antifa, Trump Resisted

  1. BFH I am so incensed at this BS. I don’t know where to go. White Nationalists?? I’m watching Judge Janine at 4am and I want to spit at the TV! They are so quick to come out and blame whitey and denigrate people who want to preserve Robert E. Lee’s statue, she says to Huckabee what to do with a 20 year old who acts like a muslim terrorist so what do we do? Now she has some black woman on talking about racial double standards! Multi-culti is a problem for racial unrest. At least she says white people have their own rational issues for what is going on in the US, and Judge Janine tries to shut her down! I’m now over JJ. What else does PDJT have to say about white people? How about washing away BLM! Yikes, Fox is fukackta.

  2. Incensed? No, I’ll just shoot them in the face.

    I’m a simple boy, phuck the fascists.

    I still enjoy the picture of mussolini hanging from piano wire.

    I’m not violent. 🙂 I’ll just shoot you in the face.

  3. Communist group antifa, BLM and white supremacists fighting against each other. Sounds like the best thing ever to let happen.

  4. I’d like the black lives matter and their supporters to explain how equality is achieved when blacks are not held to the same standard of behavior required from the rest of us.

  5. I am with Miss Conduct–before I went to bed last night I saw that there were a LOT of repugs also saying he needed to condemn the white supremacists but no word about the antifa or the blm. I thought what he said was appropriate–all sides are at fault. I changed what page my Safari opens up to to IOTW (I did before and for some reason it screwed up IOTW so trying again). I am incensed and depressed.

  6. They all ignore the one truth that whenever the BLM and antifarts show up, violence ensues.

    Let’s talk about all the deaths and destruction from the left. Have we forgotten about the Bernie bother shooting so quickly?


    53 years on office
    Majority leader
    Minority leader
    Senate Pro Tem

    Bring this up as often as possible that democrats had no problem with the KKK for 1/2 a century. Bring a photo of Hillary kissing him.

    📰 It’s Fake News repellent. 📰

  8. The future does not belong to people who allow History to be erased.
    I feel like America is becoming like Gulliver; being tied down by infuriatingly small and impudent, immature and pompous children.


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