The leftist mob of inadequates

American Thinker:

By Loren Smith

Has America’s long-storied love affair with the underdog finally gone too far?  If you rounded up a group of Antifa rioters and their soy-boy college-snowflake accompanists currently looting cities across the country and asked them why they hate our president so much, there’s a strong chance their replies would come back along the lines of “he’s a smug, uncouth, lying racist who is arrogant, inarticulate, buffoonish, and a bully.  He’s a Nazi-KKK-fascist-Russian asset with plastic hair and orange skin, and…well, we just hate him.”  However, if you injected sodium pentothal into them and put the polygraph on them, the deeply submerged, unvarnished answer might be that he represents — and champions — winners, and they know they are losers. 

They hate him because they envy him even as they subconsciously despise themselves.  He has a goddess for a wife while they sport hoodies and man buns, spouting inarticulate postmodernist drivel in a pathetic attempt to attract any available female — usually the ones driven by juvenile compassion and pathological altruism.  more here

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  1. A Swedish policewoman took an knee and held a sign saying “white silence is violence” as the mob chased down and beat other of the policemen.

    This is what it has come to. Mob rule by democrats, by antifa, by blm, by niggers.

    And it is the direct result of continually caving to them on everything. By giving them a veto over what we say, while they can say and do anything they want.

    Congrats. Niggers and faggots are now dictators.


    ⏺ Make every attempt to keep them stupid by saying education is just White Supremacy.

    ⏺ Make them unable to obtain gainful employment, then blame White Supremacy.

    ⏺ When they have criminal records and are unemployable, say it’s because of White Supremacy.

    ⏺ When they have no fathers and the family unit is destroyed, blame White Supremacy.

    ⏺ Every bit of bad decision-making is blamed on White Supremacy.

    ⏺ Encourage black men to spread their seed all over town, and their sons, and their sons, eventually lowering the community I.Q. through inter-breeding, and when the education results are lower than whites, blame White Supremacy.

    ⏺ When they are strung out on drugs and alcohol, blame White Supremacy.

    ⏺ When they are going to jail for missed child support payments for 4 kids and don’t have enough to even buy a hamburger, blame White Supremacy.

    ⏺ Radicalize them in prison, blame White Supremacy for their condition, then get a democrat governor to give sitting felons the right to vote in elections.

    ⏺ Any successful black man that tries to show how to hack the system, rise above it, become independent, other blacks get on television and beat him down: “cracker, white supremacists with black skin, uncle tom, house negro, not authentic.”

    ⏺ Put them in…barracks, also called public housing. Keep them just simmering enough with anger living with cockroaches, bad food, bad healthcare.

    ⏺ Reinforce their misery of White Supremacy with community agitators, rap lyrics, movies, television, media. Release a movie every 6 months about slavery or civil rights to keep the anger curve where they want it.

    ⏺ Media plays a crime of a white person 1000s of times on tv and social media, leaders demand they hit the streets to unleash their lifetime of anger and disappointment. It’s time to punish White Supremacy.

    ⏺ Democrats never blame the rioters, but blame their political enemies, demand bail outs from white people, who were the victims.

    ⏺ Money comes pouring into the trough, community agitators and paid off, and sprinkle some of the reward money to their revolutionaries.

    ⏺ They go back to their billets and wait for the money to dry up and get ready to “earn” their next paycheck when the orders to march come down.

    Like a union strike with people whipped up and constantly agitated, the useful idiots are always in their starting blocks just waiting to punish their perceived enemies who are actually their own hateful string-pullers.

    This cycle is engineered, purposeful, and never going to end. White Supremacy doesn’t need to be smashed, it’s the systematic engineering of black militancy as a quasi-reserve Army

  3. xxx,
    The rampaging rioters are stooges and pawns of nihilistic totalitarianism.
    Soros, Clinton, Schumer, Wall Street, Madison Ave., ComIntern, Buffet, Gates – BIG money and powerful syndicates are behind the useful idiots looting our cities.
    A tool is a TOOL. You use the one right for the job, or if that isn’t available, you use the one closest to hand.
    Racial invective invites reaction.
    NEVER put weapons into the hands of your enemies.

    In a nation of 330 Million souls, the rioters amount to a very small percentage, and the socialist mayors and governors are using them for all they’re worth, demanding that the Republic be dismantled while wealth is tranferred from those who earned it to the maggots in the streets and (most of it) to their nihilistic overlords.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Wound a bit tight there, xxx. A lot of folks are angry and upset at what’s going on, but…damn. Perhaps try some decaf?

  5. I tried to post this in the Bullpen yesterday, Google trends analysis of the term ‘Black Lives Matter’. Guess what – the only spike similar to right now was in July 2016! How convenient!
    The first spike is July 5 & 6 2016, Alton Sterling (Baton Rouge) and Philando Castile (Minnesota). But of course there have been dozens of similar opportunities since BLM was created in 2013, none registering nearly as much as during election season.

  6. Frank Poncherello JUNE 5, 2020 AT 6:23 AM

    The return of Half Assed Patriot / Mithrander


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