The Left’s childishness has gone stale

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With the Idiot Left marching toward impeachment over nothing, the idea apparently is to make it okay to kick out a president just because you don’t like him.  A president then becomes nothing special, no big deal, no longer a force in the power politics of Washington. He can handle the glossy, just-for-show stuff like state dinners and handing out Medals of Freedom, but real power will reside down in the bowels of the permanent administrative bodies of the Deep State.

Actually, as has been explained in a number of places, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats don’t want a real “impeachment process” because then the Republicans could subpoena documents and call witnesses, during which the farce would become apparent.  The Idiot Left would have egg all over its face, as it did when Robert Mueller testified before Congress about his shabby investigation.

So the true motive behind the Left’s insistence on an impeachment process is simply to keep that train moving in hopes of never actually arriving at the purported destination.  To mix metaphors, we’ve seen this movie before: use the very idea of impeachment to throw mud on the president and keep the base riled.  If they can’t change our minds via the education system, Hollywood, lies in the mass media, or union chicanery, they intend to wear us down by thuggery in the streets.

It was like this in 1917, when the Bolsheviks kept pressure on the legitimate government to give the impression that no one was in charge.  more

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  1. Will the Clintons
    the Bushes
    the Kennedys
    the Obamas


    be held to the same level of responsibility
    as is being imposed on

    President Trump ?

    The answer is of course

    NO !

    But why ?

    Only the MSM can tell you

    And they won’t

  2. 1917 was the beginning shot of the globalist cabal. Mass production post Industrial revolution lead to global corporatism and accumulation of wealth beyond the heads of state.

    Eventually the government apparatus itself was subsumed by the wealth of the industrialists and the cabal was born. The actions of the cabal stemming from its annual gatherings of the top 1% of the 1% are the driving force behind all elections and wars in all countries starting with WW1.

    The cabal constructed a system to concentrate wealth and influence and manipulated proxie governments to thrive only under the control of the elitist classes of spawn. The spawn then have exclusive access to the ivy league and secret societies of the 1% that control the cadre of permanent institutional bureaucrats that control us through fiat by regulation.

    The concept of voting was meaningless until Trump, all of the Presidents from Wilson to Trump (except Reagan) were selected by the cabal, and they almost assassinated him.

    JFK was about to betray and expose the mechanism of the weaponized alphabet agencies and their role in shaping the global narrative. He was murdered by the cabal and they are trying to murder Trump.

    Only the patriotism and strategic ability of a small cadre of military men outside the influence of the elite has given us our current chance to fight back against the one world government and its centralized banking, corporate,academic, entertainment,media, and military industrial systems.

    In addition the cabal has established Marxism as the preferred model as it allows maximum control over the 99%. Toss in a 100 years of sexual exploitation, murder, and the trafficking and actual consumption of children worldwide and you have the stew of Satanic corruption that PDJT is up against.

    A war for the soul of our nation and world has begun, prepare yourselves…

  3. Well said Cheesko
    but will the stupid masses
    understand ?

    It must be remembered
    that they have been ” educated ”
    by smellocrats

  4. Americans have earned nothing more. Americans deserve nothing more.

    For all their guns, all their freedom, all their “republic”… every morning they wake up, and when asked “rule by regulation, or law by legislation?”, they CHOOSE to pay for the bullets of the former.

    They should not be mourned.

  5. Only one correction Cisco – that stew of Satanic corruption is what President Trump AND the American people are up against. A lot of us already know that. WE need to make sure other patriotic Americans are just as informed and aware. This has to be a grass roots effort since Big Media has thrown in with the democRATs, but by doing so, President Trump will know we have his back in this fight. I’m praying for a landslide for Trump, the House and the Senate next year to send a strong message to these Socialist/Communist democRATs and their little flying monkeys that America is well and truly tired of their shit! Not only that, but the RINOs need to get that message as well!

  6. And yet, the insanity grows. Here’s a thought:

    Recently, geneticists have discovered that human heart disease might have a link to a gene mutation several million years ago:

    I submit that Home Sapiens brains must also have serious genetic defects. There is just too much mental illness on this planet to explain otherwise.

    (Don’t ask me why I’m up at this ungodly hour ~4:00!)

  7. I’m with Penn Gillette on this one.
    The President should have so little power that it doesn’t matter who he is, not so much power that it doesn’t matter who he is.


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