A reader points out this article by a liberal in the Atlantic. It is titled “The Left Needs a Language Potent Enough to Counter Trump.” The writer, George Packer, is mostly intent on denouncing President Trump’s “dangerously populist” speech. As usual, the author goes off on Nazi, Hitler, and fascist tropes without acknowledging that the reason why the things Trump says are “populist” is that they make sense to most people, based on their experiences and observations. That part of the article is too foolish and boring to be worthy of comment.

But when the writer moves on to a topic he understands better, the shortcomings of his fellow leftists, he makes some good points–points that are especially noteworthy because they come from inside the leftists’ closed world. MORE


  1. In print: May we suggest all caps all the time.
    In person: Make sure to invade body space. Wave your arms, eject spittle when you talk and Remember, BO is your force multiplier!
    So sayeth Lazlo, who forgets to put his name down there

  2. Always claim the moral high ground, after all anything (and everything) right wing “populists” say is offensive to somebody.

    Remember truth is never polarizing because truth is always inclusive and never demeans anybody!

    “facts” are used to incite arguments while opinions justify talking points.

  3. used to think progressive/socialists (aka. communists) were stunted high school student council kids, always on the yearbook committee, the student newspaper committee, the athletic supporters, the pep club, the glee club, the ‘new pioneers’ (valarie!, valerah!), etc., always trying to boss everyone else around, principally by trying to shame them into being ‘cool’ …. like they thought they were.
    then I started thinking they really weren’t as bright as high schoolers & began to look at them as jr. high kids … less bright, less mature.

    now … definitely elementary school … ‘let’s not get angry, children. let’s use our words!’ … don’t forget the jazz hands

  4. All of leftism is about redefining words, making up narratives, just generally pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

    And that’s why the news is chock full of queers. Because that’s what they are best at.

  5. The left needs to give up. Back in the day in the Bronx, the kids practiced a pretty continuous verbal abuse game called “Rank Out”. Those overhearing not infrequently would gather around, and yell “Rank Out! Rank Out!” when a blow was delivered that could not be responded to. (I.e. the other guy choked.) I suspect that it’s something that has to be learned young and cannot be mastered in journalism school. 😉

  6. Fascists trying to rule is. Not happening.

    Give me liberty, or give me death. If it’s death, take a fascist with you.

  7. Every “poll” show 4th, 5th, and 6th place Democrats beating Trump.

    Every “poll” cited by Democrats says a supermajority of people want gun control.

    Every election shows otherwise.

    Perhaps they should counter with some introspection and admitting some uncomfortable truths for once.

    Everyone is not like you. Everyone does not like you. The fact that they aren’t or don’t doesn’t make them evil any more than your undeserved, smug sense of moral superiority makes you right.

  8. They are all deeply disturbed and seething with anger on a 24 hr basis. Any tool they can contrive to advance and fuel that anger is employed to force their misery on others.
    The only solution is to heavily medicate these unhinged pests as a way to keep them subdued and manageable.

  9. Babel revisited by arrogant brats hiding in adult bodies.
    The lefties now speak in strange tongues to one another.
    Each alteration they try to toss into the language
    to make themselves appear more outstandingly “Woke”
    makes their communications ever more indecipherable
    and opaque. Watching their failed attempts to get
    beyond bickering over the “correct” pronouns to
    apply to themselves is a real Hoot.


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