The Left’s Law Enforcement Lynch Mob Lectures Conservatives

Frontpage: If you think we have a free press, compare and contrast these two headlines.

New York Times: – Trump’s Unparalleled War on a Pillar of Society: Law Enforcement

Washington Post: – Once the party of law and order, Republicans are now challenging it

Here’s your free press. You can read the same propaganda at the New York Times or the Washington Post. Some of the words will be changed to match the house style.

“Republican leaders’ open defiance last week of the FBI over the release of a hotly disputed memo revealed how the GOP, which has long positioned itself as the party of law and order, has become an adversary,” the media blob bellows.

“Defiance” is an interesting word choice. Elected officials don’t defy unelected officials because they aren’t subordinate to them. Congress can’t defy the FBI. The FBI can defy Congress.   more here

13 Comments on The Left’s Law Enforcement Lynch Mob Lectures Conservatives

  1. The two organizations that did everything possible to print every classified leak they could get their hands on and have always been the enemy of law enforcement and intelligence agencies have seen the light!

  2. And now we have that f–king Schiff claiming we are going to commit another Oklahoma City-style attack in our rage against the FBI/DOJ. Look out for that false flag, y’all.

  3. Put these headlines next to the headlines supporting blm Michael Brown, etc and hatred of cops.
    Hypocrite much?

  4. Dems create an imaginary “absolution” by pretending the Intel Community is a “4th Branch” (along with Exec, Leg, Judiciary) of the Federal Government.

    They really *live* Orwell.
    At least their pussy hats will make them easier targets.

  5. Getting angry at the Mockingbird Media and CNN Agents is really a waste of time. They mainly speak to mentally ill people, rabid homosexuals, and elderly folks. Its waste of time.

    Most Police Officers and Law Enforcement know all to well that demorats hate them and hate America. Most of them know they are the enemy of the average Cop. Most of them know they have created every urban ghetto shithole in America. Most of them saw very close up, the outright declaration of war on Cops under Odinga/Clinton/Holder and the open assassinations. Just ask the Cops in Dallas Police Union or the NYPD when 25,000 Cops turned their back on Dickblazio at a Police funeral.

    The NYT Agents and CNN Agets can try all they want, they will never convince anyone of this stupid argument. The liberal hatred of police is as deep and engrained as homosexuals hatred of Christians ad Catholics.

  6. On the other hand, imagine if you will, if Hillary had succeeded in winning the election. You think we would have heard anything about this scam, the dossier, or about any of the folks that are now on the hot seat?

  7. Like many of you, I am concerned about the lengths democrats will go to derail conservative efforts to drain the swamp. Get ready my friends. I think this is going to get ugly.

  8. @organgrinder February 5, 2018 at 6:47 am

    > People better wake up and choose sides because its coming!

    Who are these “people” of whom you write?

    The “little people” — who are as human as a chimp in a tuxedo? The vast majority won’t waken, even if poked with a gun. It’s been tested. The remainder are already “woke”. They’re just not interested in any of the teams on the field.

    Or do you mean “our people”? Real people. Important people. People of consequence. We don’t seriously harm our own. It ruins the game. (“Right Randolph?” “Right Mortimer.”)

  9. There’s no use getting mad at the papers. They can and will continue their assault on conservative America but what can be said is that their readership is confined to those who can’t think for themselves and believe all the trash they publish. They are, in effect, preaching to the converted. If you want to hurt them don’t buy a damn thing from Use the website to find what you want then go out into the lovely sunshine, go to the shop that carries the item, buy it and maybe talk to the owner or other customers for a bit then treat yourself to an ice cream cone. You’ll feel a damn site better then if you had pushed the purchase button and Bezos won’t get a cut.

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