The Left’s New Target: Pickup Trucks


We have watched our society slide into a disturbing trend of permissiveness when it comes to assaulting and removing aspects of our culture. Between evictions of historical monuments, the eradicating of entertainment properties and the condemning of commonplace practices, we have almost become conditioned to accepting these efforts. Now we may be seeing the effects of this movement metastasizing. More

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  1. I’ve owned trucks, first as a necessity and then as an convenience, for the past 25 years. I have zero interest in what this nitwit or any of his inbred clones think of my choice to drive such a conveyance. But given his ludicrous logic I think I will add an accessory. I’ve never wanted or needed a rifle rack but I may just add one because I think it would add to trigger factor. The takeaway for Danny the trauma-boy being that if I don’t finish you off by running you over, I’ll just step out of the cab with my TAC-14 and blow your sorry ass away.

  2. lmao … I ranted about huge pickups the other day

    don’t get me wrong, I don’t care what you drive …. just learn to maneuver it

    pickup trucks (some SUV’s) are getting so big that pretty soon you’re gonna have to get a ‘Class C, or B’ license to drive one

    disclaimer: I owned pickup trucks for 45 years … & none of them were as big as today’s behemoths … & I’ve driven Class A, B & C class vehicles & towed boats, trailers of all sizes, arrow boards, etc. … definitely an acquired skill, especially backing up

  3. HVAC Mechanic

    Without 3/4 ton Vans & Pickups, Trades wont be able to work.

    And by the way, electric cars and Hybrids are so quiet when they are in slow traffic that they regularly cream cyclists and pedestrians.

  4. What would they say about a really huge truck like a 1967 Ford F500? And no, we don’t drive them as status trucks here — we put 18,000 pounds on the back and do work with them.

    There’s not much quite as funny as a huge shiny truck hauling air.

    But, to each his own.

  5. I have an F150 Lariat SCREW 4×4 and it in none of their fucking business what I drive. My family is comfortable in it on trips and we need it to tow our toy hauler. I have a Grand Cherokee to drive around locally and run errands in. Fuck the bastards if they don’t like it. It’s not about what they like, it’s what I like.

    I haven’t had a car in decades, but may get a Mustang GT convertible to go on day trips or overnighters in the summer. It sounds like fun.


    As the snow flies

    At a used car lot on the edge of town
    A liberal guy and a liberal gal
    Buy a Yugo

    And they drive with pride

    Cause if there’s one thing that this world needs
    It’s environmental friends who’ll take the lead
    In a Yugo

    They say, “people don’t you understand
    Those suburbans are ruining the land”
    But they’ll wish they had a full size van one day
    They point fingers at you and me
    They say we’re too blind to see
    But do we simply use our heads
    And choose another way?

    As those small wheels turn
    Fifty miles to the gallon
    And their knees on their chest
    They’re gonna save enough gas
    For all of the rest
    In a Yugo

    Then one day on the interstate
    They suddenly lose control
    They swerve to miss a baby duck
    They’re squashed beneath a produce truck

    But they drove with pride…

    And as the crowds drive past a little flat car
    You know they saved a lot of gas
    But they didnt get far
    In a Yugo

    And as they’re trapped inside
    At a used car lot on the other side of town
    A liberal guy and a liberal gal
    Buy a Yugo….

    And they drive with pride…

  7. Extended Cab Duramax. 6 inch Fabtech lift, bagged, air compressor, amp steps, chipped.
    I would kill to defend my family, my boat, my dog, and my truck.

  8. If you possibly think there is no way those asshole won’t negatively touch every part of your/our lives…..just think again.

  9. They hate pickups because their enemies, the blue collar working people are the usual owners and those big blunt fronts and heavy bumpers are too scary for the would be road barricaders to try to stop them.

  10. You can take my woman,You can take my dog
    but You better not try to take my mini sport
    turbo Nissan 1995 D21 Hardbody truck !

  11. First, they came for the guns. It took decades, but they succeded.
    Next, they came for the trucks. That was easier, since there were no guns.
    After that, they came for your testicles…

  12. The new GM trucks do have high hoods, but if this guy’s forehead is at hood-height, he’s a dwarf. The problem whit these pricks, is the progressives in big cities listen to them, and They influence congress, the next thing you know, they start putting tax penalties on them. I don’t know if they still do, but California used to classify ALL pickups as “commercial vehicles” and tax the shit out of them. Remember the “gas guzzler” tax? These assholes stay up nights thinking of new ways to screw the people living in “fly-over” country. They will have to pry my Silverado from my cold dead hands.

  13. Yes, Tony R, the guy is full of shit. The hood of my F600 (that was a typo calling it an F500) does come up an inch higher than my chin. I’ll need a ladder to climb into the engine bay in a few years.

  14. Dude, try to haul your cattle to market pulling the stock trailer with your mini car. What? No cattle? No land for cattle? Sucks to be you!

  15. We saw nothing but pickups, campers, motorcycles, motorhomes, farm and working pickups, not to mention the recreational ones, etc, the further you get West the more INTENSE, in a good way, it gets.

    “This” is America.

    Where we live back East we see nothing like this, unless we go north to the bunker in the ADKS’, even then it is NOT the Black Hills by any means.

    I saw ONE leftist there. He was on a rice burner the ONLY one we saw it was in Keystone, SD in front of a ‘Trump tent’ that sells all kinds of goodies. He gave us the middle finger as he drove by. BUT HE WAS THE ONLY ONE for hundreds and hundreds of miles that we drove.

    I showed the guy that we bought merch from, Vaughn, the magnet that @Joe6pak and @BFH created. He called it ‘BAD ASS’.

  16. Reading this coastal elitist fascist bullshit makes me want to fuck with the injectors on my 7.3L diesel Behemoth and ROLL COAL on his limpwristed ass.

  17. Just add ‘deer whistles’ to the front bumper to alert pussies and protesters. Problem solved. By the way, deer whistles do not work. I hit more deer with the whistles attached than I did without…or, they could’ve been deer with a death wish – same as the protesters.

  18. CCNV: As I told my son-in-law when he asked, If deer whistles worked, they would install them from the factory.

  19. “been deliberately designed to intimidate and kill pedestrians.”
    True. But only if you deliberately stand in the street and block traffic.

  20. Sadly, just down the highway from my home today, a pick-up crossed the line into the path of a minivan driven by a young woman who had her three small children with her. The oldest was six. The driver of the truck was killed and tragically, the young woman died at the hospital later. Her three children survived. Someone had called 911 and reported moments earlier that the truck was driving erratically. The truck was not at fault. It was the young, probably drunk guy behind the wheel. Damn! My wife drives that road every day to and from work. I’m praying for those kids.

  21. These miserable bastards just cannot keep their nose out of other peoples business can they? Offended by trucks? Wth? They are mentally disturbed, big govt control freaks at heart

  22. Hint: The real reason they do not like pickup trucks is that you can mount a .50BMG in the back.

  23. Ford F350 Platinum, 11,000# package, short bed. Steel bumper. Approximately 10,000 pounds, no aluminum except for the wheels. Don’t get in front of it. if the steel don’t get ya there might be a surprise. Got great insurance too.

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