The Left’s New Term For Silencing Their Opposition

Obama may have restarted it, using the term un-American to describe policy or actions Democrats oppose.  According to Investor’s Business Daily, the use of the term by Democrats goes back to the House Un-American Activities Committee that they’ve successfully associated with Joe McCarthy (R- WI), but was their creation all along.

Now they’re starting to throw the term around again anytime the progressive agenda is endangered.


When Obama reacquired the term for their use Here

Apparently calling someone a racist doesn’t appeal to voters who abandoned the party in droves last November, so their trying something a little more mainstream as a pejorative.






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  1. Un American,
    I think they mean stuff like Bibles, Guns, Heterosexuals, Marriage, Christianity, Four Wheel Drive Trucks, and Apple Pie.

  2. They can throw around any term they want, the days of silencing their opposition is over. What they fail to accept is that they themselves have become the opposition.

  3. LCD. The Washington Post called the vandalism of Trump’s Golf Course “A daring act of defiance.” Now that’s Un-American
    Some schmuck (Friedman) at The New York Slime said the election of Donald Trump was worse than, or as bad as, the Peril Harbor attack and the 9/11/01 bombing of The Trade Center.
    Now that’s Un-American!

  4. LCD, the plan is to keep using that term to redefine it into something that is, Un American. If you say it long enough, it becomes fact.

  5. Can’t wait for the ironic return of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

    BTW, Joe McCarthy was RIGHT!

  6. @Dr. Tar – You point out correctly that the Dems have firmly associated Joe McCarthy with the HUAC. This is interesting because H in HUAC stands for “House” and Joe was SENATOR Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin. Even more interesting is the fact that, if memory serves, there was only one Rep. chair of HUAC and quite a few Dems.

  7. For those of us who were alive during the dark days of the McCarthy era, calling someone “un-American” is a meaningless insult, specifically designed to demean and cast doubt on the patriotism of someone who happens to disagree with or oppose your political agenda. If the term ever had any validity, McCarthy destroyed it.

    Let the Left have it – it can only make them look more ridiculous than they already are.

  8. Vietvet,

    Not sure about that. I guess maybe it has a little different meaning depending how old you are. But I do know so younger people that have recently left the Armed Forces that you can tease them about just about anything but question their patriotism and you better be prepared to defend yourself. The same type that you occasionally see rescuing an American flag from some ass that should be living in a different country other than ours.

  9. I guess the targets of “racist” still haven’t learned that the facts (or the “alternative” facts) matter. But the label is just to muddy the view of the facts up. No matter who flings it around.

  10. @Bad_Brad: If you ask ten different people what it means to be an American, you will get ten different answers, because it means different things to different people. This does not make any of the answers wrong, it just means that it is an amorphous term. So how can the term “un-American” have any real meaning except as an insult, a means to label a person as a disreputable, possibly treasonous character?

    It was even easier in Orwell’s 1984. They would just accuse you of “crimethink”.


  11. Un-American means: one is against the United States of America, of no values, is unpatriotic, and has a disregard for the Constitution and/or a want or desire to do away with it. I agree with B_Brad in that they will attempt to use various terminology incorrectly and long enough to ingrain those with their intended message of usurpation. That is, if you disagree with us, you’re “Un-American.” I susepect that they will use many other familiar terms to see which ones gain the greatest ground for them.

    Red Skelton on, “The Pledge of Allegiance”

  12. @BigGun: That’s your definition of Un-American.
    Nine other people have a different one.

    See what I mean?


  13. Vietvet
    It’s more 50/50. If as a young person and went to college, odds are you’re a lib. If you were high school class clown and a problem child and ended up in the military you are a Patriot.

  14. No disrespect anyone, but if someone doesn’t believe in supporting and defending the Constitution against all enemies, etc… then they are an enemy of all that believe in our system of government and that oath taken therein. The percentage be phooked.

    An oath holds a much higher responsibility and resolve than that of a mere, ‘promise.’ Promises are made to be broken.

    The Constitution is not a ‘living document.’ You either support or you don’t. Where do you stand?

    If you say you can say xyz, but shouldn’t say abc, you don’t believe in our system.

    For example, if you say you believe in socialized wages etc… it isn’t a component. Want to change it? BITF on. I could give a shit less about anyone’s particular ‘interpretation.’ You either believe and support or be an enemy.

    Bottom line is: You are entitled to your opinion. No matter how fucked it is.

  15. Well I’m sipping on a bottle of $150.00 whiskey a Marine dropped off for me today. So I’m a Patriot and so is he.

  16. @Bad_Brad: You nailed me on the second definition. Class clown, got married too soon after high school, ended up in the military courtesy of LBJ. Knocked out a couple of years of college in night school, but no degree.

    Still think the term “un-American” is a meaningless label used to bash anyone who disagrees with your political view. Same as “un-Republican” or “un-Democratic”. Still think “Tail-gunner” Joe McCarthy (who was wont to use that term, as well as “Commie”) was an unprincipled RINO opportunist who rode a wave of postwar anti-Communist hysteria to political fame and ultimate downfall over the careers of anyone who got in his way.

    Sorry if that offends anyone, but that’s the way it is.

  17. Vietvet,
    Well speaken for me, there’s no way you could offend me brother. Your input is invaluable. However I think it would do your heart good to meet some of the warriors that are currently fairing out.

  18. @Bad_Brad: Thanks for the kind words. BTW, anyone who buys me whisky qualifies as a patriot, too. Until proven otherwise, that is.


  19. Vietvet, I built him a bad ass 1000 yard gun. I built a similar gun for a quite young man a couple years ago and he brought me a Seal Flag. A slender little guy. I guess he could swim. Shit I wear a life preserver when I take a bath. I guess what I’m saying is there is a big crop of Patriots you may not be seeing. Keep the faith brother.

  20. Vietvet,
    Just so you know bro, this shit ain’t any smoother than JD. I don’t care how long it’s aged.

  21. Whiskey question….I just watched a cooking series where they advertised a Kentucky bourbon called “Pappy Van Winkles”, sos I looked it up and it starts at $600.00 dollars for the 10 year old and goes to $1200.00 for the 23 year old…..FOR A FIFTH!!!????…..I know I ain’t that stupid…..

  22. Vietvet,
    You and Tommy should come visit. Gotta a lot of whiskey and a smoker. BigGun and Tsunami are less than an hour away. Man would we have fun.

  23. In a previous incarnation I worked for a wine and liquor wholesaler and one of the reps from both the wine industry and the bourbon industry said that if you leave the product in the barrel for more then 10 years, then your a fool…it doesn’t help it…..

  24. Mr. Vietvet is correct, of course, as far as it goes, but the problem with the definition of “un-American” is the paucity of education in grammar, spelling, meanings, and the like. In a culture where any word “means what I want it to mean” then communication becomes difficult, if not impossible, depending upon the accepted “meaning” at the time of utterance and the audience.

    My guess is that Schmuckles knows that he hates America and everything for which it stands, and in his self-hatred and hypocrisy, he knows that “un-American” is the lowest thing he can call anyone.

    izlamo delenda est …

  25. Oh, and as concerns the other aspect of this thread, free whiskey is ALWAYS better than bought whiskey – even Carstairs.

    Not that I have any first-hand info, or anything …

    izlamo delenda est …

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