The Legend of KEN and KAREN is Born

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  1. I see two things clearly on display:

    A: Proper usage of the 2nd Amendment in defense of life, limb, and property.

    B. Left-wing hypocrisy (democrats who attack right-wing policies and values utilizing exactly what they don’t want US to have).

  2. I read somewhere the house is worth 1.5 million, which seems low to me. Maybe this is a McMansion and what looks like a cement wall is something much less substantial. Seems to me being behind a cement wall against a crowd of antifas would be a good move. Anyway, at least they had the balls to defend what they have worked for.

  3. Don’t show your hand. This is true in Tonk, and a bunch of other shit.

    “When you have to shoot, shoot; don’t talk.”

    Now Kimberly Gardner is involved.

  4. Jethro,

    I see 3 magazines in that pic.

    Not that it mattered having 3 mags since it probably woulda jammed after 5 or 6 rounds thanks to that asshole McNamara rushing those battle rifles into service with different powder and no cleaning kits.

    ….but I digress.

  5. J6P: I heard that it was an older mansion that had fallen into disrepair. They have worked to restore it and buy back some of the furnishings that had been there before.

    Originally the house was tied to the Busch family.

  6. Ain’t it just like the idiots in government to put a left wing ANTIFA anarchist to head the prosecutors office.

    “We have to be inclusive, she’s black and we want her and other blacks to know we care, lets put her in a position to abuse us and make a mockery of the laws.”

  7. From the video….”they are democrats”. Hard to feel sorry for their situation. They voted for this shit.

  8. I’ve seen a couple of articles criticizing the couple due to being predatory-type trial lawyers. To me, that’s totally NPC. I doubt these BLM punks used any discretion in selecting a place to raid.

  9. “The history of the house.” indeed.
    If that were my home that I’d spent 30+ years restoring (still a work in progress, I understand) I’d have been out looking to shoot anyone approaching it – so would you.

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