The Logic is So Simple, Yet Idiot Leftists Can’t Seem To Grasp It

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Trump to send 57,000 Honduran TPS recipients back home.

Wash Exam –The Trump administration will require 57,000 Honduran people to return to their home country, after having lived in the U.S. with protected status since a 1999 hurricane, according to a report Friday morning.

The administration will give Hondurans 12 to 18 months to return home, according to McClatchy. Hondurans are the second-largest national group of people who benefit from TPS.

A DHS spokesperson told the Washington Examiner that Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen “has not yet made a decision.” But a decision is due by July 6 and the government has yet to formally announce the reported policy change.


9 Comments on The Logic is So Simple, Yet Idiot Leftists Can’t Seem To Grasp It

  1. “…since a 1999 hurricane.”

    I live in Florida. Does the government provide us with a “Free Sh!t Army” NEW HOUSE handout every year?! 😉

  2. It would be nice to learn of the dollar amount these 57,000 people have received in benefits over the last 19 years. I imagine it would be astronomical. Some, with American born children, will probably escape repatriation. But as this program was temporary they should not.

  3. What really gets me are the ones who come tearing across OUR sovereign border proudly and defiantly waving the flags of their home countries like gleeful victors! As if any more evidence is required as to their allegiance…

  4. I’m sure the media will find that one guy working in his PHD, and run endless stories on his plight, while ignoring the thousands in prison and in gangs.

  5. I envision a movie in the future; open season with bounty hunting for illegals, alive, of course.


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