The long knives are now out for Cortez

American Thinker-

Following the public catfight between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a can’t-stop-mouthing-off Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez team over casually hurled claims of racism, Democrats aren’t about to just let the whole thing go and “try to do better” next time.

Apparently, the longtime machine pols of the outer boroughs of New York City are being activated. Jurassic Rep. Gregory Meeks, of Queens, an 11-term congressman, put Ocasio-Cortez on notice that she, too, could be in line to get primaried. She wants to play Robespierre on the Dems, she can wind up like him on the guillotine, too.

According to the New York Daily News:

Queens Democratic boss and 11-term congressman Greg Meeks took a thinly-veiled jab at fellow Big Apple Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Friday, urging her to back off her racially-tinged feud with party leaders or face a fight for her political life.

In an interview with the Daily News, Meeks fumed over Ocasio-Cortez’s recent racial beef with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and pushed back against her left-wing allies at Justice Democrats for openly backing insurgent candidates trying to unseat members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

He also said the CBC can play the same game.

11 Comments on The long knives are now out for Cortez

  1. “I’m the boss! How about that?”

    You gonna take that shit, CBC? Make her become a TV network’s bad hire in 2020.

  2. In a village full of idiots, an idiot usually wins. The only chance another candidate would have is to go full blown Helter Skelter socialist, which is exactly what AOC is. Not much of an improvement.

  3. So they quite possibly won’t primary her which is why term limits are critical. Incumbents win almost every time they run. The thought of her serving 20 years like Paul Ryan is beyond comprehension.

  4. It’s complicated.

    She is a nut who cost her district Amazon jobs. But she is the new “it” girl. The party has moved all in on being a cult of personality and she is the new personality to be worshiped. That may work for N.Y., L.A. and San Fran but it remains to be seen if that boat will float in Mpls, Madison, Detroit and Philadelphia. I’m not saying Minnesota is going to go landslide Red but if enough sane Democrats are left in the land of 10,000 lakes who is to say Trump does not pull off an 80k win?

    But then again Ohmar is also another cult of personality and libtards love their diversity but the libtard’s I knew back in Minnesotan would not knowingly vote for an anti-Semite. Thank God for Trump and his tweets. No other POTUS has had the stones to call it the way it is.

    Either way the left have begun to feed on their own rotting corpse and that is a major win. It’s been 3 years and we are still winning. Chokes me up just to think about it.

  5. Pardon the savagery of my suggestion, but may she and the rest of her little squad be flayed and tied down on a red ant hill! For that matter, why stop with just them?


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