The Long Knives Are Out For @Instapundit – The Mob Demands He Lose His Job

Here’s an update on Instapundit, who tweeted the advice for people if they should be surrounded by a mob of rioters in their car – “run them over.”

It’s not going well.

See here

17 Comments on The Long Knives Are Out For @Instapundit – The Mob Demands He Lose His Job

  1. It’d be a hoot if these winged monkeys hounded him out of his job and right into the Trump administration’s upper echelon.

  2. Just make sure you have all wheel or four wheel drive. If not, you should accelerate sharply to make up for the loss of kinetic energy you’ll suffer on the initial impact.

  3. When my life, or the lives of those in my vehicle, are in immanent danger of death, I will do anything and everything to protect those lives and extricate ourselves from the cause of danger. I care not who or how many are surrounding my vehicle.
    My life and the lives of my family, friends and neighbors matter to me.
    Threaten my life, face overwhelming bodily harm and possibly deadly consequences.

  4. Shame he had to offer up an “apology”
    at USA TOADY [sic intentional].
    At least it was obtuse enough….

  5. 70 percent of the rioter arrested in Charlotte are from out of town. BLM is a tool for Obama and Soros to promote anarchy. If/when Trump wins look out.

  6. I like what Donald Douglas from American Power wrote:

    “(Longtime readers know that I’ve dealt with these lynch mobs myself and they’re demonstrably evil. It’s chilling too, but you can’t back down. Fight these fuckers, even if you have to hire a lawyer. They’d murder you if they could get away with it, so watch your back. I do.)”

  7. There’d be a long bloody streak behind my truck if it was being blocked by murderous thugs. I would not hesitate and chance losing momentum.

  8. Well in all fairness, since when does the Constitution and 1st Amendment apply to non-batschitt crazy liberals?


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