The Long-Suffering Mother America Never Asked For

Patriot Retort: I gotta say, I absolutely loathe when people play the Maternal card when it comes to the country.  Michelle Obama was famous for that.  Michelle saw herself as the self-described long-suffering mother of the American people — which probably explains why she obsessed over our meals.

Now, we didn’t ask Michelle to be our mother.  But Michelle didn’t let that stop her from taking on the role.

In fact, after Trump won in 2016, Michelle bemoaned the fact that America tossed aside the “good” parents in exchange for a “bad” parent.  Mommy Michelle was mighty peeved over it.

There’s something tremendously condescending about thinking the American people are nothing but wayward children in need of a firm hand. It also flies in the face of our founding principles of Individual Liberty and Sovereignty.

Then again, Mommy Michelle never let our founding principles get in the way of her mission to fundamentally transform us into her unwilling brood.

But Mom-Bama better watch her back; there’s a new self-described long-suffering mother America never asked for: CNN on-air personality S.E. Cupp.

To honor Independence Day, America’s newest long-suffering mother penned a scolding (but loving!) missive to her rebellious little scamps that is loaded with treacly drivel and condescension so thick, you could cut it with a knife – that is if Mommy Cupp thinks you can be trusted to hold a knife. more

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  1. I only want to mommy the libtards, and tell them to eat my s***, and do it before the clock rings.

  2. What SE Cupp taught me was that most of what passes for “conservative” talk shows are just complete bullshit and the stars are completely full of shit, and their only job is to make average people who haven’t been swallowed up by the psychic brain disease of progressiveism instills in the weak minded to move in that direction. It’s there to make us believe our values matter to those on power, when, in fact, it couldn’t be more clear that they are all serving Satan to one degree or another.

    They go out and get a fan base, and then try to nudge them to the left… always to the left. Cupp did this (and failed because most of her fan base was there to jerk off to her massive boobs and slutty demeanor).

    But that shitbag Glenn Beck tried. Hannity nudges. Bill O’Reilly used to nudge. Michael Savage nudges (at least he’s funny though). I suspect to see Carlson start nudging one day too.

    Sooner or later, they all get compromised. Most because they were never conservative in the first place. That’s why I’m suspicious that Trump may just be a reality show gimmick POTUS, installed to make the proles think they’re rights will be saved, when it’s pretty clear it’s all being stolen away.

  3. Michelle Obama is a slob. A racist, to boot. An untalented whiner, grifter and all-around nauseating America-hater.

    Other than that, she’s the greatest.

  4. If you want to get blocked by S.E, in a hurry, ask her to show more cleavage on camera. Worked for me.

  5. That was the most air-headed attempt at condescension that I have read or heard in a while.

  6. S triple E Cupp has accepted her thirty pieces of Silver repeatedly from CNN. She sold her integrity and principles for money and the spotlight. Still waiting for her to hang herself as the most known betrayer had done.
    Shameless and dishonorable display of cowardly betrayal.

  7. She sells sea shells down by the sea shore. Now, that doesn’t mean she’s a moron, it just means she’s selling what is commonly available where it is commonly available. In other words, a prostitute in the red light district. If you get my rather broad point.

  8. @ The Mule.
    So what do we do turn off all media including the intertubes and sit in the dark?
    Should Rush shut down and any one that does not meet your standard but Christ himself.
    So are you saying that President Trump is also controlled by Satan.

  9. Gah! I’m finding it increasingly difficult to read and comment on some of these threads because, quite seriously, I am beckoned and encouraged by the devil himself to think and write things I should not be thinking and writing and still expect to finish my race.

    I pray that Michelle Oblowme winds up making a #Blexit video on YouTube.

    Hey! Our God is an awesome God!

  10. Sadly there is a large population of young people that do not have a f’ing clue how to provide for themselves, how to think for themselves, and no clue that it takes “effort” to advance. To many participation medals. They listen to things like this and actually believe it.
    If subliminal message were allowed in video games and television, they would all walk around singing the same song. Being locked in your house with MSM is having the same effect.
    The numbers may be in Trump’s favor, but don’t think for a minute the Dems well fight fare.

  11. Cupp? Never listen to the jerk.
    Good news: Rush Limbaugh’s health is on the mend. He’s feeling great. Tune in to him.

  12. Cupp has always been a Bush loving conservative hating lib! Still loves libs and hates America!
    If FDR is conservative she is too!

  13. “Michelle saw herself as the self-described long-suffering mother of the American people.”

    Oh… she WAS a “MUTHA,” alright. And we suffered 8 long years because of her & her beard… 🙄

    Thanks to *CBP, Anqueefers, AOC,, we’re STILL suffering. 😡

    *Cracka’s Be Protestin’


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