“The Longer You are in the Tea Party, the More Racist You Become”

The MacIver Institute managed to get a reporter into the 15th annual White Privilege Conference last week.  Strangely enough they seem obsessed with the Tea Party.

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19 Comments on “The Longer You are in the Tea Party, the More Racist You Become”

  1. with speeches by the dbags from the stolen property lawless center?

    fightin hard for property rights for illegal alien invaders

  2. Sorry, but I thought the Tea Party’s agenda was about fiscal responsibility, the preservation of Constitutional rights, stuff like that. How is that racist?

    They’re confusing the Tea Party with the Ku Klux Klan.

  3. I am NOT a member of any TEA Party and I’m a RACIST!

    You don’t believe me, ask my black friends who are conservatives so they are racists too!

  4. Racism and antisemitism, in the modern political correctness climate, are the two accusations that are virtually impossible to defend ones self against.

  5. The longer you go to a White Privilege Conference, the dumber you become.

    Seriously, they have CONFERENCES about this sh1t???

  6. Damn. According to this I’ve been in the Tea Party so long I hate races that don’t even exist.

    I blame the fuggin’ smurfs. Those blue bastards have ruined this once great nation!

  7. Well, I married now and haven’t had to choke my smurf in a while now but I seem to remember it turning brigh…um…

    I hate mermaids too. Let’s concentrate on them for a while instead.

  8. I was Tea Party in 1968.

    My dad used to hit the electric door locks in the Olds Toronado whenever he saw a burr head.

  9. Since actual racism is the idea that the fundamentals of a person’s character are determined by race and his idea is that people of the white race are inherently bad and want to impose the institutionalism of “white privilege” on other races, I would say that he is a class A racist.

    The rationalizations collectivists go through to justify themselves is like a nightmare of being stuck in an Escher painting.

  10. The city of Madison is paying for this through taxpayers, huh?

    To paraphrase: “They’re not haters, but they’re racists” Whaddafugginidoit.

    When the downfall of Madison comes, remember to eat a big bowl of Schadenfreude. I know I will.

    And I will thank this bloviating bag of dumb-speak generalizations for helping to hasten it.

  11. Good grief, what a joyless bunch of guilt ridden self-loathers, skin color obsessives, and other deranged usual suspects. Is there no end to these lefty circle jerks? Wonder where the funding comes from.

  12. Like so many other things that start out with good intentions, somehow they all seem to lose their way and head off in the wrong direction.
    TEA was supposed to stand for “Taxed Enough Already”.. which at the time made a lot of sense.. Now it seems that other people are using it for their own agenda.. it reminds me of Religion.. they break off or separate and only pick and choose what suits them best.. The same is true with the One Million Bikers to D.C. that site has really turned into an abortion with asinine commentary and crappy reporting! they make the Onion and CNN look intelligent.. pathetic is what it really is.
    How are we ever going to be able to fix this country with the shit they’re shoveling? face it people..they’ve lost their way and they need the keys to a John Deere Tractor to pull their head out of their ass..
    As for the racism.. it’s not really an issue since everyone is and those who claim they’re not are liars and shouldn’t be trusted. I think Grandma said it best.. God has a reason why he color coded us..

  13. Since when are people of the white coloration, the sole proprietors of the bigoted administration? Nobody owns the patent on who a person is. Though, the “oppressed” talking heads could have a point. If Australia, parts of Europe, and even here at home, are redefining what a newborn is, humanity is doomed. Where are the four horsemen?

  14. I had the privilege of having two parents and four grandparents that stayed together till death did they part.

  15. My longitudinal study says that the longer I am exposed to voluntary ignorance like this, the more racist I become.

    What are these leeches going to do when there is no pie left for anyone? How many morons believe that the “money pie” is finite, and that whites have stolen it all?

    We are all very close to a trip to the reality woodshed, thanks to shit-for-brains like this.

    Immutable truth will not be mocked….

  16. The longer you stay in liberal higher education, the more ignorant you become.

    Madison, thirty square miles surrounded by reality.

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