The Lying Dick Durbin

Remember when he said our troops were like Nazis?



The Lid: The nation recently discovered Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin after he made the so far unsupported claim that President Donald Trump called several third world nations “sh**hole countries.” But, what most Americans don’t know is that Dick Durbin has a long history of lying in service to the Democrat Party and the anti-American, left-wing cause.

Durbin hit the airwaves last week claiming that Trump disparaged several foreign nations, including Haiti, Durbin proclaimed Trump a racist (again) and attacked him for being un-presidential. But the comment, IF Trump, even said it, was said in a private meeting, not in a public forum. So, in truth, we have no actual proof it was said.

The ensuing media frenzy is entirely hypocritical of the press considering that, to one degree or another, nearly every single president (and vice president, for that matter) has had a potty mouth in private meetings. And yet, the press has never reported on the salty language of past presidents. But Trump? Oh, yeah, the media went wild to report on the claimed cursing by Trump, despite the lack of proof he even said it.

But, what about that “proof”? The claims the media fell all over itself to report upon came from no less than Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin. And Durbin has decades of lies piled up to his credit. In fact, Durbin is one of the biggest liars in the whole of the upper chamber.

One of the more trenchant recent lies from Durbin is directly connected to the current immigration debate. Along with his claim about Trump, last week Durbin also complained that using the term “chain migration” is considered “racist.” This is a flat-out lie. No one anywhere has ever said that the term is “racist” until Durbin tried to use it as a weapon against Republicans.

Indeed, this liar himself has used the term chain migration without claiming there was any “racist” connotation. Back in 2010, Durbin was happy to argue in favor of the policy saying that it was a necessary part of the DREAM Act.

There are many other examples of Durbin lies. Back in 2013, for instance, Durbin was at it again, lying about what was said in a private meeting. Durbin claimed that House Republicans acted in a racist manner toward President Obama and said they “can’t stand to look at him.”

Durbin soon started sending out fundraising letters on the strength of his claims, yet not a single other people ever substantiated this lie, including Obama.  more here

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  1. Yeah, but then he said they weren’t. Just give him some time. Sooner or later he’ll swing past the truth. Don’t know when. But, he doesn’t either.

  2. Durbin’s an Illinois Democrat – of course he’s lying. And that photo above captures his “I’m an important Nazi underling” look perfectly.

  3. Like the rest of the Democrat party he fights for relevancy using a musket while Trump uses nuclear weapons.

  4. luckily – for him – he will never pass this way…..he will never “march” through west virginia, is what i am saying….because he knows he would not make it out alive……

    oh, is that a threat?……no, it is not a threat…..

    it’s just common knowledge,,,,,,,

    molon labe, all yall sons of beeches……

  5. little dickie…..who does not LOVE the DONALD????

    LITTLE DICKIE TURBIN…….if that ain’t a ratings sweep, i don’t know what is…….


    not tired of winning……..

  6. @chuckie January 16, 2018 at 10:45 pm

    I think in “his” district, after they blew up the airport runways in the middle of the night, to build The Clown Prince (no, not The Emperor) a new amusement park, in his new back yard, they lowered the height of all the street lamps to shoulder level, for “air traffic safety” from bad lighting terrorists… and stuff. It just happens to also inscrease public (“servant”) safety by accident.

  7. The name that I think I heard Rush use, and that is the most relevant considering that kind of person who the MSM quotes for fun and profit….

    Dirty Dick Durban

    Thanks Rush, you nailed it again

    MSG Grumpy

  8. Dick words I’m working for the criminal illegal aliens only were are the black voters voters. Gate out of thie DEMS plantation dick only care about the criminal illegal aliens.


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