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The Mad F-Bomber

Tom Brady appreciated the 3rd down completion by the Packers (that allowed them to run out the clock)  in the closing minutes of Sunday’s match up in a very expressive manner. This is not the first time  Mr. Brady has used the choices of profanities in front of the cameras.

Tom Brady, potty mouth


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  1. Once a Wolverine, always a Wolverine

    Classless fucksticks. Like they say, themselves. Fucksticks, that is.

    Plus, he’s banging a Brazilian.

    They’re nuts. They’ll give anybody Tourette’s.

  2. Actually, this was taken out of context. He had just been asked “Tom, what are you going to do after the game?”.

    Wife is HOT, Brazilian or NOT.

  3. I watched this live.
    NBC showed a re-play of him saying fuck-fuck-fuck.
    I was surprised at this since Costas is such a douchebag and they are such an anal network with the exception of the great Al Michaels (love that guy, got a new book out!).
    I have no problem with Brady being passionate.
    And BTW, F-ball, with a wife like that…fuck yes!

  4. My two favorite NFL athletes are Payton Manning and Tom Brady. Two passionate athletes that do not except defeat well. They both handle it a little different. But you can bet your ass Tom Brady won’t sleep tonight wondering where he screwed up. You can’t replace that shit. It’s awesome.

  5. I’m surprised he didn’t break down into a temper tantrum…he’s done it multiple times in the past. “F” the whiner, he should have been a 49er.

  6. Hey Tom, like unca Joe said, I was a big F’n deal. You thought you could come into our house and win? Not only is Rodgers a great QB, he and coach are great chess players when on the field.

    Sorry ’bout the sports rant.

  7. I don’t care what you guys say, I like Brady, Belichick, Craft seems like a good guy, and I like the name. We need more Patriots out here.

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