The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Deserve Our Respect or Our Trust

Behold another banner week for the heroes of our intrepid mainstream media, that motley collection of pompous and obnoxious incompetents, perverts and – at the risk of repeating myself – liberals. In just the last few days we’ve seen how a major media personality got his network to build him a creepy sex lair in his office and watched as a flat-out lie tanked the stock market – well, not really “tanked,” since the Trump Boom is still booming, though the media is loath to report that fact since prosperity wrecks the official Trumpocalypse narrative. And next week, if (when) the guy the liberal media tried to paint as Judge Jailbait beats the guy the liberal media tried to cover for by not reporting how he thinks abortions are cool up until a kid gets his learner’s permit, the liberal media will take yet another well-deserved failure lap.

The mainstream liberal media is primarily composed of stumblebum leftist jerks who want all the glory and respect due a caste of objective, moral truth-seekers, yet who don’t want to do the hard work of actually being objective or moral or seeking the truth. “I can’t pass, and I can’t tackle, and practice is really a hassle, but I’m wearing a sportsball jersey so I want your adulation and a Super Bowl ring!

Nah. They think we owe them respect and trust when all they’ve earned is our contempt.

You have Matt Lauer, probably America’s most highly-paid journalist, who “everyone” knew was a skeevy weirdo who’d probably creep out Woody Allen. Well, everyone did know, except us, the media’s audience. Our media overlords didn’t think we needed to know that little bit of information. Some obscure Texas congressmen sends texts of his ancient junk to a girlfriend and, after he dumps her, she gets mad and puts them up on the web? Oh, that’s news – America must know that vital info. But when the flagship anchor of the flagship show on the flagship broadcast network uses his powers to basically build a sex dungeon in 30 Rock – nope, not news. Shhhhh. Matt’s just bein’ Matt. Move along. Nothing to see here. For gosh sakes, look at how much he hates the NRA!  read more

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  1. Still curious as to why some of the media is turning on itself. Always cautious when it comes to what seems to be the outrage dujour. Takes the Las Vegas shooter and terrorism off the front page real fast.

  2. Very good article, but don’t expect the collective of dumbed-down, teeth-gnashing, pearl-clutching, bead-strumming, self-absorbed, spoon-fed, celebrity-obsessed, White guilt-ridden, Birkenstock-wearing, bottled-water-drinking, Politically Correct, kumbaya-singing, Xanax-disabled, moisterizing-metro-sexual Progressives to understand this because viewing the world thru yer vagina is the ultimate tunnel vision! They won’t understand any of it until their world runs out of toilet paper!

  3. The fake news media is like a giant scab. The more it picks at itself, the more it bleeds. Us deplorables would like u to bleed out, so please, keep on picking.

  4. They haven’t gotten over the fact that they couldn’t convince the intelligent people to vote for Shillary . By the time they realize just how many people are on to them, it’ll be to late. Me thinks it already is.

  5. “Remember, to our intrepid media, news is only news if it helps the liberal narrative. If it doesn’t, it’s not news. It’s not anything. It’s un-news. Like the stock market boom. Like wiping out the ISIS caliphate. Like Mueller’s manifest conflicts of interest. Un-news.”

    Un-News.. Very Newspeak

  6. When you are real journalists, you issue an apology and fire a bunch of people when one of your meat puppets outright lies.

    Meat puppets…..hahaha!

  7. Matt did not just set up his sex dudgeon office by himself. He had funding and approval and I bet there are tapes. Sleazes love to tape their sleaze. Perhaps he had a live feed button. Gotta feed those who approved his lair and those who turned their heads.

  8. News, entertainment, ‘infotainment’, celebrity ass-worship…. it’s all one big swampy stew.

    I will say one thing: if Steven Colbert circulates in public without SS-like protection, his mouth will never utter contempt for Trump evermore. It’s the least I can do to support the second President in my lifetime (only) who deeply cares about our country.

  9. I’ve been sayibg for years that the leftist propagandists pising as journalists should be mocked and harangued at every opportunity. Make their lives hell every time they are out in public. That’s what they want for us, so it’s only fair.

  10. I get information from my computer screen, news actors tell you what they read only. They have no personal knowledge or insight on anything!

  11. I know. I worked at a CBS affiliate in Seattle. One of our producers was none other than Mary Mapes, who eventually worked with Dan Rather’s false story on GWBush. She was fired before Rather.

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