The male rapist in a women’s prison

The ‘Karen White’ case reveals the insanity of the trans debate.


The collective madness around trans issues has to stop. Last week, it was revealed that a male paedophile and rapist known as Karen White had been put in a women’s prison, where he had gone on to sexually assault his fellow inmates.

White – or as he should be known, David Thompson – was jailed for life for rape in the early 2000s. But he was more recently on remand for grievous bodily harm, burglary, multiple rapes and other sexual offences against women when he was placed in a women’s prison, at his request. While in prison at HMP New Hall, White grabbed one victim and showed her his erect penis.

So let’s get this straight. The women at New Hall prison were placed at direct risk by a prison system that prioritised White’s demands over the other prisoners’ safety.


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    This is an example of the type of language gymnastics the screwball left has to go through to sell their bullshit political philosophy: “She could see the defendant’s penis erect and sticking out of the top of her pants, covered by her tights.”

    How about society just says: Bugger off. If you come here to play bullshit linguistic games don’t expect me to give you any respect whatsoever.

  2. Hey, if you want to call yourself female….cut that dangly thing completely off.
    ‘Course, even then you’re only fooling yourself.

  3. I had a friend who did cut that dangly thing off. Went to Utah where Dr. Marcy who’s-her-bod turned his stick into a vagina. Then decided that because he was now a woman, he was going to date men… of course. But then, he/she/it sent all of his straight friends, who stuck with him all through the transition, graphic images of he and his new boyfriend french kissing and making out, with glistening man-tongue prominently featured everywhere. Needless to say, he lost most, if not all, of his straight friends after that. But yeah, he did it. Not recommended!

  4. It takes decades of exposure to only the finest educational institutions to get to the point where you don’t see that something having a dick makes it a male. How plebeian. How un-nuanced.

  5. They need to have the American Psychology people address this issue in stead of the unqualified political circus folks. If nature gave you a penis your in group 1, if nature gave you a vagina your in group 2. Any other setup puts you in group 3 and your on your own. Same with rest rooms and gray bar hotels.

  6. 500 years from now people will read this part of history and think it must be satire history, not true history.
    Or correctly conclude, after being assured it’s actual history, that it was a completely screwed up perverted era.


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