The Man Who Waded Into The Swamp and Survived To Tell About It

This is Charles McCullough III. He used to work as the Intelligence Community Inspector General. McCullough blew the whistle on all the classified material on Hillary Clinton’s server to his boss, James Clapper, head of national intelligence.

After relaying the former secretary of state’s recklessness with the nation’s secret the Senate intelligence and foreign affairs committees, McCullough and his team of inspectors were marginalized and warned of being fired once Hillary Clinton became president.

Catherine Herridge’s interview with McCullough aired on Tucker Carlson last night. More Here

Watch the interview.

Note: James Clapper would have been a non-voting member on CFIUS . He assumed his position as Director of National Intelligence during the Uranium One approval process.

5 Comments on The Man Who Waded Into The Swamp and Survived To Tell About It

  1. I am no longer surprised by anything criminal the Obama/Clinton cabal did.
    Boy were they suprised **Nov. 8** though.
    Thank God for President Trump.

  2. How there is not a National outcry for prison sentences for the perpetrators of these crimes is completely beyond me.

    Call me when shillary is arrested.

  3. This poor guy was just doing his job, just doing what he was supposed to do.
    Instead of everyone saying “Oh. Wow. We better fix this,” he was threatened.
    That’s how Democrats roll.

  4. I have never understood the purpose of having a slimy sleaze like Goodstein on a program. I cannot stand more than 20 seconds of it. It is the reason I stopped watching Fox years before cutting the cable completely in July of 2012.

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