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The man with a plan 🙄

Patriot Retort: On June 2, the intern controlling the President’s Twitter account tweeted out old Joe’s plan for tackling inflation. And let’s just say, it’s just as moronic as you’d expect from a guy who couldn’t plan a bowel movement.

President Biden

@POTUSUnited States government official

My plan to tackle inflation is simple: – Let the Fed do its job – Lower everyday costs for Americans – Keep reducing the deficit By taking these steps — and with Congress taking action — we can build a sustained recovery that benefits all Americans.

So to tackle inflation caused in part by the Fed printing money and monetizing our debt, we must have the Fed keep doing what caused the inflation.

“Lower everyday costs for Americans” is a goal, not a plan. more here

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  1. My plan to keep my health is to grow younger. Simple.

  2. Sounds pretty communist to me.
    Let the fed set prices.
    Uh huh.
    Then the fed sets limits on quantities.
    They they set limits on which products you can get.
    No thanks.
    How about the fed get out of the way?

  3. Maybe they should look around the Oval Office and see if Gerald Ford left any WIN buttons behind.

  4. “My plan is to become a gazillionaire!!!… by… you know… that thing.”

    – Idiots

  5. Let Kamala take over the ‘splainin’. Our plan for the planning to plan to deal with the inflation caused by Trumputin is to keep planning as that is the plan. Reducing the deficit by increasing spending will increase spending while reducing the deficit, as we have planned to do in our sessions of… planning. Interest rates should not increase more than they do, and inflation will only rise as much as it will. These plans will ensure that the village children remain children of the village as the village is not really a village of children if the children do not remain in the village.

    Thank you

  6. ^ And furthermore, don’t underestimate the importance of the passage of time. The importance of the passage of time will help all our plans happen with time on their side.

  7. All of Joe’s problems have been self inflicted. If we get a major disaster like an earthquake or volcanic eruption we’re gonna be screwed.

  8. I have a plan. Keep doing communistic plans and Blair any failure n the republicans. With the media behind hind me, even if I fail, we win. At least that is what my handlers tell me.

    What flavor ice cream can I get?

  9. It was Putin’s inflation last week and the plan was war.

  10. @CT Ginger, the Ford WIN button reminds me of the Chicongo election with Jesse Jackson and Harold Washington.

    “WIN JESSE WIN” was the button, and the chant was, “Beat that muthafuckin Harol’ Washington”

  11. Only last year, in 2021, the SCOTUS ruled that red flag laws are unconstitutional after a woman reported her ex-husband or something for having a gun and she was worried he’d kill himself. 9-0 and 8 of those are still there.

    So why is Congress voting on this again?

  12. It’s even simpler than that:

  13. There will be no inflation when there is no supply.

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