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The Massive Protests in Iran Are About More Than a Woman Killed by the Morality Police


At least 35 Iranians have been killed in the protests that are sweeping the country following the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini. The young woman was snatched off the street two weeks ago by the morality police because too much of her hair was showing under her headscarf. Three days after her arrest, she was rushed to a hospital and put on a respirator after being severely beaten while in police custody.

What makes this protest movement different is that it’s the first one specifically about women and women’s rights. The protests also highlight the plight of the Kurds and other minorities in Iran. It’s a potent and combustible mix, and the protests, which began in the Kurdish provinces, have now spread to the entire country.

Video of #Iran protests tonight in Tehran. #MahsaAmini

— Jason Brodsky (@JasonMBrodsky) September 23, 2022

The death toll includes women like this.

Ghazale Chelavi took to the streets to protest the killing of #MahsaAmini by hijab police in Iran but she herself got killed by security forces. Her friend told me that she got shot in the head in Amol city. She was 32 Yr old mountaineer full of life. Her family are shocked.

— Masih Alinejad 🏳️ (@AlinejadMasih) September 23, 2022

Masih Alinejad’s Twitter feed has nearly half a million followers. She is plugged into the protest movement and has been giving names and faces to the dead. MORE

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  1. The last time the Iranians rose up against the Mad Mullahs, Baracky Ocorpsman was occupying the Offal Office. That was in 2009. It’s 2022 now, and Joey Obiden Bama is occupying the Offal Office when he’s not sleeping in his jammies in the Wilmington Hideout. The Mad Mullahs know that this weakling isn’t going to send anything but strongly worded diplomatic entreaties and admonitions in support of these brave Iranians who want to join the 21st Century. Poor Joey needs some fatherly advice. Paging Jimmy Carter!

  2. OT: If Kameltoe makes it to the White House, we’ll have to call it the Oral Office instead of Oval. Just sayin…

  3. Iran needs to shake off the crushing yoke of Satanic izlam.
    They could do it with some arms and encouragement – but, alas, they won’t get that from the West – the West is infested with izlamic maggots and fears doing anything which could be construed as an affront to them.
    The Israelis are better out of it (at least openly) though some clandestine deal between them and Jordan (for instance) could support Freedom and Liberty and assist in shaking off the miserable hypocritical mulluhs.

    We’ll see – but Freedom and Liberty seem to be on the run, these days.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Like Obama, Biden wants to send the oppressive Iranian government a $Trillion dollars for the Iranian Nuclear “deal”.

    Where will this islamic oppressive government spend it?

    Killing their own citizens who desire Freedom and funding Jihadists in the middle east and Africa. Not to mention funding islamic sleeper cells who have crossed our southern border, thanks to Biden.

    If we send any money to Iran, it should be funneled to anti-government protesters.

  5. Masih Alinejad is an extremely brave woman. I have followed her for years.
    She is the voice of the silenced women.

  6. I have no complaint. About pædorapist supporters. Taking over antifeminist, UN recognized states.

    Maybe that’s just me.

  7. There should be a universal worldwide
    condemnation of islam.

    Where’s the UN?
    Why do they think the post WWII utopian idiots
    created the UN?

    Where’s the DOPE?
    He’d rather wash the feet of these cxkrz
    than criticize them.

    Why is the world FKD?

    We have nothing but WORTHLESS leaders.


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