The Master of Media Ju-Jitsu

Toss the man a loaded question at your own risk, should be the warning to all MSM journalist who go one-on-one with Donald Trump.  The master of the reversal was on display on ABC last night when David Muir thought he’d throw the media master off by asking if he heard the women’s march protestors the day after the inauguration.   Mr. Trump put Mr. Muir and the entire MSM in an awkward position and refused to let him out until he has done making his point.


Townhall backs up the President’s observation Here

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  1. If DJT had on his own said that he was going to investigate voter fraud, the LSM would be howling…along with the DNC. But Jake Tapper threw down the gauntlet, and maybe voter fraud will finally be exposed to sunlight and bleach.
    I’d say DJT maneuvered Tapper on that one very nicely.

  2. David Muir is really impressed with himself. He thought he was the smartest man in the room until President Trump bounced him off the walls a few times.

    PS There may be upwards of 2M illegal voters just in California!

  3. I love our lion! President Trump is and animal lol.

    “I’m meeting with the prime minister tomorrow, as you know, Great Britain. So I’m meeting with her tomorrow. I don’t have my commerce secretary,” Trump said in his remarks to congressional Republicans at their retreat in Philadelphia. “They want to talk trade, so I’ll have to handle it myself, which is OK,” he added, eliciting laughter from the room full of lawmakers.

  4. While most Americans will continue to be proud and happy with winning, the MSM will quickly tire of losing. Hell with those traitorous bastards!

  5. @old -oaks
    Take a nap. You’ll be back up to the task after you’re rested. Trump will continue on in your absence.

  6. Dude is a ninja at manipulating the media, and
    proves, just like hollyweird who used to love him,
    they are as stoopid as yer left fucking shoe.

  7. The press are way behind the curve in terms of the transition from “needs a teleprompter to speak to 5th graders” to “quick-thinking on his feet without any help”.

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