The Media vs. America

Newsbusters:  The other night I spent some time with Donald Trump. He had come to Cumberland Valley High School in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, a mere five or so miles up the road from my house.

The Trump rally was filled – completely – with thousands inside  and outside thousands more waiting (in vain) to get in the door. Here’s what interested.

Never once – not once – did I hear Donald Trump mention the Khans, the now famous parents of a son killed in battle in Iraq. Even more to the point? In talking with many people in the audience  before and after the rally, no one – say again not a single soul – mentioned the Khans. What I did hear from Trump was talk about jobs, trade, the economy, ISIS and more. Which was the talk from members of the audience when I spoke to many of them before and after the rally. They volunteered directly to me, conversation after another, their thoughts about ObamaCare, a sick child, jobs, trade ,pride in America, Hillary and so on.

And yet? Mysteriously when I returned home and turned on the television or checked on-line it seemed to be all-Khan all-the-time. As if Trump had spent the evening re-hashing the whole subject yet again. Which he had not.

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  1. Wall. Throw. Stick.
    It’s all they know. Think of the SJWs in college nowadays. Now think of their counterparts in the MSM. Pretty much the same.

    It’s almost like you wish your parents would scream at you again for doing something wrong because back then it made Sense. None of that here though.

  2. Hillary, meh! I envision her, Rodham, as a massively enormous bovine on a spit over a very slow roasting blaze with an apple in her mouth and a bushel up her pooper being prepped to feed the sheeple the day after she blows another gasket for loosing to my man, DJT, biatch, you have been Trumped! Get over it. Now go away. Just as jezzabell was tossed from the spire and she disappeared into the dogs of doom. Thank god for dogs, they do clean up your mess as they also return to their vomit. Think Pink Floyd, Animals Album Cover. Good times, good times.

  3. ‘Well he may not have said his name, but we all know he was thinkin’ it!
    Have mercy, people make me tired these days.

  4. I keep telling my mom, ‘Trump could so much as pet a dog on the head or pick his nose and the media will psychoanalyze the shit out of it.’ [‘Does Trump like dogs more then his own children? Does he think that he IS a dog?’ ‘it’s possible, he is such a wildcard…’] [ ‘donald trump, booger eater. how long has he been such an unclean person? we report, u decide.’]

    The media is reminding me of a monty python sketch, everything is upside down and nothing makes sense. I suppose that makes me either Terry Jones or Michael Palin in this situation…

  5. someone asked me the other day why I’m voting for Trump …. my reply, brought out of a moment of total clarity, I simply stated, “because I no longer wish to take the Blue Pill”

    (… & it’s a perfect metaphor; take the Red Pill & open your mind, your world, alter your reality …. or … take the Blue Pill & go back to being, in essence, a sheeple being fattened for the eventual slaughter when you are no longer productive, a battery for the system, to be discarded when no longer useful. it also fits perfectly w/ the ‘Red’ state ‘Blue’ state that the progressive state media has foisted upon us)

  6. Scott Adams may be a smartoersuader guy, and his ideas about which candidate is winning the persuasion and labeling battle, and why, make a lot of sense. But it occurs to be that Trump’s biggest challenge won’t be labeling Hillary effectively. The tough part will be labeling the media for what they are and persuading voters to agree with him. That is the only way to defeat Hillary’s journado of false labels.

  7. Hey, have you heard that remake of Pit bull & Julio’s remake of REO’s “heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from an expert that Trump is itching to launch nukes”? It’s awesome. They play it, like, every half hour on WMSM. And if you’re, like, the fifth or whatever caller for Hillary, you get, like, prizes and stuff. Rock the Voat!

  8. The issue that should be screaming at every American, isn’t that they do it, but that they NO LONGER PRETEND that they DON’T DO IT!

    The Inter-National Socialist Propaganda Dept. must be in panic mode because they openly follow the Socialist “Talking Points” in a coherent goose-step with their political masters.

    Same phrases, same lack of nuance, same lies.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Trump voluntarily quitting the race? ROTFLMFAO……

    This isn’t reporting–it’s pot-stirring.

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