The Message That Trump Supporters Are Sending Loud And Clear To DC

Howie Carr: Voters in North Carolina urged Democrats to give President Donald Trump a chance to enact his agenda Thursday, asserting that there were more important things to worry about than the investigation into his campaign’s ties to the Russian leadership.

“I think this is just part of the witch hunt,” Trump supporter Tim Steele told MSNBC in a segment filmed from North Carolina. “In fact, I saw it came across on the internet that Trump has said this is the biggest witch hunt in history. You know, and I just I don’t think there is anything to the Russian thing.”

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was named as the special prosecutor into ties that members of Trump’s campaign allegedly had with members of the Russian government. Several members of Congress, including Sen. John McCain, compared the ongoing scandal to President Nixon’s Watergate scandal. But everyday voters aren’t convinced that the investigation is worthwhile.   continued

11 Comments on The Message That Trump Supporters Are Sending Loud And Clear To DC

  1. They learned nothing in 2014. Eric Cantor raised $5.6 million. Dave Brat raised $206K. I think a mass postcard campaign deluged on the Rinos up for reelection with CANTORIZED printed on it should get their attention.

  2. Trump will beat them by accomplishing his agenda, that is what they fear; a strong Republic.

    Maxine Waters, Al Green and the usual assortment of imbeciles, nuts and commies are yapping ankle biters. Only they hear the siren call of sewage media echo chambers.

    Let them hate. It will only make us stronger

  3. BigGun. Thanks for making me look that up buddy. I had no idea. Fascinating. I’ve been exposed to a couple groups that are good to go. I might be too.

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