The Missing Link In FBIgate?

The name Bill Priestap is starting to be spoken among those following the FBI mishandling of the investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, and the Steele dossier. While everyone has been working on the proper pronunciation of Peter Strzok’s last name, few have asked about what role the FBI Deputy’s immediate superior, FBI Assistant Director Bill Priestap, may have had in the developing scandal.


Prepare yourself for a four-way game of point the finger between Comey, McCabe, Priestap and Strzok when these jokers are called before a congressional committee to testify as to their involvement in the Clinton whitewash and the trumped-up Russian collusion investigation.

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  1. Well ain’t we havin’ us a good time now – but only if this information is the grounds for FBI prosecutions and the witches burned at the stake.

  2. Are you kidding? These are great men; so great that they know better than us unwashed knuckle draggers who should run the country. So, to protect our precious constitutional republic, they’ve taken on the noble burden of protecting one utterly corrupt candidate while railroading another. They only did it because they love this country and all of its foundational rights and principals.

    At least, I’m fairly sure that’s what these monumental senior FBI assholes tell themselves each day.

  3. The media has been slowly backing away from the phony Russia “scandal” and replacing it with the phony sexual harassment scandal.

  4. I keep hearing this is a “Constitutional Crisis”. Bull shit, it’s the early signs of a tyrannical government and it needs to be stopped now. I’m not seeing who will stop them.

  5. I don’t know of a better site than “The Last Refuge/Conservativetreehouse” for a detailed examination of this burgeoning Constitutional Crisis. Highly recommended for all things crooked in FBI and Department of Justice. Clintons’ crooked cronies must read it with real trepidation.

  6. Re: pronunciation of “Strzok”.
    Given the letter combination and sequence I’m assuming the name is Polish in origin. Let’s separate the letters first.

    S is pronounced as in English

    T same as above

    RZ 2 letters combined to form a compound sound….like a soft Z (think Zsa Zsa Gabor)but with the tongue directed to the roof of the mouth (there are several such letter combos in Polish).

    O pronounced as a short O

    K pronounced as in English

    The trick is getting the T-RZ out separately but smoothly.

    For non native speakers this can be challenge.

  7. It’s pronounced STRUCK. But a turd, by any other name, would smell so sweet.

    Just saw a headline on FOX news. “Violence in Israel. Israeli security forces clash with demonstrators. FALLOUT OVER TRUMP’S JERUSALUM DECISION.”
    Man o Man, that Trump! It’s been soo peaceful there these past 25 phucking years.
    The media suck, big time.

  8. It *hurts* to know the Inspector General’s report
    might be done ONLY in April 2018. Might.

    Understanding the importance of timing, and rolling out the stages, to lead up to the 2018 Mid-term elections in November helps a bit, but….

  9. Congress, Rosenstein, Horowitz and the Inspector General are chasing greased pigs in the DOJ and FBI. The more they handle the pigs, the greasier they get and indictments are the next step.
    Again, we’ll see how the “two tiered” judicial system plays out and if Rosenstein and Horowitz are one’s with white hats or political hacks.

  10. The media has been itching for somebody to make a deal with prosecutors and expose the network of collusion. Just not these people and this collusion. But you’ll have to work with what you’ve got, media.

  11. It seems our body politic has two more venereal diaseses to monitor..strozdick and prestaph, I recommend a heavy dose of constitutional justice and a shot of MAGA…

  12. Clinton’s bagman gave McCabe’s wife $700k. McCabe worked with Strzok and his adulterous co-worker to manufacture the Russian Dossier which they then parlayed into a FISA warrant.

    This is treason. This is an attempted coup. If the verdict is anything less than a bullet going through their brains onto the steps of the Supreme Court at high noon then it is a miscarriage of justice.

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