The Missing Texts Are About To Get the “Joe the Plumber” Treatment

What’s the “Joe the Plumber” treatment?

That’s when a tangential morsel of an event is overblown by the left and somehow it negates the real thrust of a story.

For instance, Joe the plumber became famous for getting Obama on a rope line-meet and greet to admit that he was going to “share the wealth.” (AKA – implement socialist policies.)

The left immediately dug into Joe’s background and discovered that he “wasn’t a real plumber.” Somehow, in the brain-addled leftist’s mind, this meant anything Obama said was negated.

“What’s that you say? Obama said he’s going to ‘share the wealth’? Pfffffft. That guy wasn’t even a real plumber!” – Dumba$$ leftist.

This time it’s going to happen to the FBI texts issue. We already know that two FBI employees, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, exchanged extremely damning messages regarding the Mueller investigation and Comey’s investigation. The texts detailed  possible corruption, conspiracy and obstruction of justice in the highest levels of the government.

Then it was announced that months of texts between Strzok and Page went missing, leading some to speculate that the FBI was engaging in a coverup.

But a new report is claiming that there’s proof that this was a bureau-wide “glitch” that affected thousands of employees, and there was no deliberate malfeasance.

So, what is Vox’s spin?

The entire text issue is complete bull$hit because it’s just all conspiracy theories that have now been debunked.

“Page said Loretta Lynch knew Hillary wouldn’t be prosecuted before Comey gave his infamous pre-election presser? Pfffft. we now know that the text’s weren’t purposely deleted. All your theories have been debunked!” – Dumba$$ leftist

That’s pretty much the tone of this VOX article, that the entirety of the text issue is much-ado about nothing now that Sean Hannity and his conspiracy theory hasn’t panned out (or so they say.)

The left is ridiculous.


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  1. “You are outraged that Obama sent sensitive information to Clinton’s unsecured private server. Pfffffft. When Obama said he learned about her use of personal email on the news, he was talking about her personal server, not private email. The whole ‘Hillary server’ issue is a debunked nothing burger.” – Dumba$$ leftist.

  2. How many times were news-bytes released that indicated the Obamer Spite House was involved in foreign elections (in England/Israel, etc.) but it is only the Trump team that colluded with a foreign power to attempt to rig an election?

  3. Dems also like to create alternative documents which bear a confusing similarity to documents they wish to obfuscate. I hear the Dems are creating their own “FISA Memo” which they will release to counter the Nunes summary. Naturally, the media will flood the zone with the Dem propaganda so that lofos will conflate the two, become bored and confused, and conclude it is all lies. The journos are really earning their pay right now.

  4. It would be useful to give the public a taste of the red meat if they want to keep the level of enthusiasm up.
    Just one humiliating perp walk of one of the high level criminals would go far in helping. GET BUSY.

  5. I don’t think time is our friend in this. We don’t have the luxury to wait on Sessions developing some spine and show some needed aggression in pursuing these criminals. They are throwing everything at Trump while he shows reluctance to move.

  6. ‘This great “Trump Economy”?? It took President Obama 8 YEARS to set the groundwork for this boom! Hail, Obama!’ (so says every Leftist Communist currently residing in our country)

  7. If leftist Democrats are to be believed, many government agencies frequently suffer from technical glitches leading to the destruction of electronic documents and records. Perhaps it would be safer to require high level government officials to keep this information on private servers installed in a bathroom in their residence.

  8. Dont chase the leftist media. Dont entertain these child raping homos. They dont set the rules anymore, we do.

    Lisa Page is a slut and a whore. Pass it on…

  9. You cannot have a rational discussion with an irrational person.
    Sorry, that’s just the way it is.
    As with a mad dog, there’s only one solution – no options – no negotiations.
    And again, I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. Time will bear out the truth of the matter.

    If someone demands that you be his slave – and you refuse to be his slave – where is the initial point of “compromise?” The socialists ply this abject bullshit because their sycophantic slave-mentality followers in the media and academia clap their fins and bark in unison with their goose-stepping masters.

    Facts mean nothing to them. Truth is completely elusive. That is the reason they rely on sophomoronics as their principle argumentative tool.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Hannity conspiracy theory? Really? For a whole year now the most powerful leftists in America have put President Trump’s life under a microscope and have not produced one document or witness to prove malfeasance. But the MSM says says 24 hours a day Trump colluded with Russia? Who exactly is into conspiracies?

  11. The left lies. I hope the truth comes out in my lifetime and the left is relegated to the ash bin of history.

  12. So, if I understand the “defense”: If I put a dose of Ebola in your coffee, it’s a crime. If I douse ALL the coffee makers with Ebola, it’s not.

  13. “Lisa Page is a slut and a whore. Pass it on…”

    No argument from me, but Strzok is also married and it takes two to tango. He is no better. Don’t give him a pass.

  14. “sophomoronics”

    Excellent, Tim! You’ve also described my ex-wife from whom I am proudly divorced for 10 yrs. (Also a liberal nut case)

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